What is the Call of Duty Warzone: Modern Warfare weapon


Call of Duty: Warzone saves 3 weapons not officially released, but which can be controlled in Bloody Loot mode. Find out what they are.

Call of Duty: Warzone hides more surprises than we imagined At the gates of receiving Season 2 crossed with the current main installment, Black Ops Cold War, some users are finding a way to get hold of weapons that have not been officially released so far. Most recently with the Sykov pistol, used during games of Bloody Booty. However, there are two other hidden weapons.

Call of Duty Warzone: these are the weapons not officially released: Sykov, CX-9 and RAAL MG

As we said, there is a trio of weapons hidden in the game files that seem to be flourishing in multiplayer modes. The same user who shared a Sykov project, claimed to have controlled the RAAL MG in another game. So far, these weapons could be obtained during Call of Duty: Modern Warfare survival mode supply packs. Something is happening so that they can now be seen in other modes.

On the Sykov, we transferred its main virtue: the possibility of being able to shoot it in automatic mode. The basic 12-round magazine discharges in a matter of seconds and a half with a simple hold of the trigger. Its visual model fits with the description of the mythical Makarov, a weapon that has accompanied much of the main installments in the saga.

Something similar happens with the CX-9. This compact submachine gun is very similar to a classic Skorpion, another popular weapon in multiplayer. Your magazine can be extended in the same way as the ISO: large capacities via drum. It is an agile weapon, but its base rate is too low.


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