What is the best place to put a smart speaker in the room?


Gradually, smart speakers are becoming common items in Brazilian homes. However, these devices may not look as smart if placed in the wrong places.

In addition to totally undermining the user experience, this can make the device slightly useless in a smart home. Therefore, we separate the best and worst spaces to position these gadgets in the room. Check out:

Center of the room: the best place

The center of the room is the best place to place smart speakers, according to experts. In this case, the devices work with multiple microphones that listen to users’ commands.

Thus, it is important to leave them in an open area so that they can capture all the sound around. As well, this place should not have objects that cover the speakers and cause interference.

If it is not possible to place the device in the center of the room, the suggestion is to leave it close to the space where people usually gather. For example, on a side table next to the sofa.

Walls are a great alternative

Certain models can be installed on walls

For smaller devices, like the Google Nest Mini, one option is to install them on the wall. Following the previous recommendation, they can be positioned close to the place where residents and visitors usually meet.

Smart speakers can also be placed on top of a bookcase or other tall piece of furniture. As always, taking care not to cover the microphones. Although not ideal, it is still a practical way to use them.

Not advisable places for the smart speaker

Unfortunately, not all homes have an adequate design for the previous tips. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid placing devices in locations that could compromise the user’s experience.

For example, it is not advisable to place them too close to sound systems and even TVs. This is because the audio from these devices causes interference and the gadget will not hear user commands.

It is also not recommended to place them near windows. Even with the windows closed, the microphones are sensitive and able to pick up external sounds.

Smart speakers should not be near windows.

Did you like the tips? Have you found the best place in your room to put a smart speaker?


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