What is Starl Metaverse? A new SHIB?


Recently, Facebook’s name change has captured the headlines of media platforms, which clearly demonstrates the company’s ambition to enter the metaverse space. From the well-received movie “Ready Player One” to today’s booming market full of tech giants, the metaverse’s popularity has continued unabated throughout the year. More and more new projects are emerging day by day, and Starl is one of them.

In August 2021, Starl sold 18 virtual satellites for approximately $1.75 million at an auction, attracting a lot of attention from cryptocurrency investors. However, how did Starlink, once seen as a “shitcoin”, bounce back and hit record highs? To explain this, let’s take a look at its relationship with SHIB.

Starl; Woof Decentra was created by Moe Larson and has a diverse team of 3D artists and technicians. Of the two project leaders, Woof Decentra is a member of the SHIB team and founder of Leash, and Moe Larson is both an investor and developer of several cryptocurrency projects.

Backed by the development team, Starl became an instant hit, with many metaverse investors calling him “the next Shib.” Even Vitalik Buterin claimed that in the next 5-10 years, a true “metaverse” will take shape in Ethereum and by then Starl will play an important role in the development of the industry and lead the metaverse market to real victory.

Starl is a 100% community owned and decentralized sandbox metaverse and NFT project. It portrays an international space base located in the galaxy, where planets and satellites can be freely bought and traded, just like real estate sales on Earth. Users create their own planets in the universe, run NFT auctions, trade virtual satellites and spacecrafts, buy land and trade items for space use in the Starl ecosystem. In the virtual world created by Starl, users can interact in various ways and explore the universe through social interaction.

In addition, Starl has incorporated space travel, space base connections, asteroid mining and space battles to create a complex and fun virtual game economy. Starl promises to provide users with opportunities for personal development and income growth in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and to create a new financial model with unlimited possibilities.

The STARL token is a tool for in-game trading and management voting. STARL allows users to exchange and exchange assets in the game or access games, attend virtual concerts and clubs, enter travel mode in the metaverse, invest in virtual real estate, collect in-game materials and pay other players for social experiences. Besides games, STARL also supports applications such as media, entertainment and education.

It is worth noting that most of the non-tradable tokens were sold soon after they were listed on Starl’s official website, a sign of the popularity of the project. Additionally, Starl has joined the Play-to-Earn gaming guild to work with the esports team and entertainment organization Mazer Gaming. According to the official website, the project is expected to release Starlink DAO in December 2021 and MetaVerse 3D in 2022.