What is reroll in Genshin Impact and how to do it?


We explain what reroll is and how to perform this trick in Genshin Impact to ensure we get a Top Tier character from the beginning.

As it belongs to the “gacha” genre, Genshin Impact has a series of mechanics, systems and characteristics typical of titles for mobile devices, such as a certain randomness when opening envelopes, with which different characters, weapons and useful items are obtained to use within the game. As for the protagonist herself, we can carry out a reroll technique in order to get a better version of Higher Tier. We tell you all about it as part of this complete guide, as it can be confusing if we do not know the term or how to get it. In addition, we remember that it is already available for free on PC, PS4 and iOS and Android mobile devices.

What is reroll and how to do it in Genshin Impact?

At the beginning of our game we will be able to control our first protagonist character, whose statistics may vary depending on how lucky we are. If we want to get a first level five-star character, we will have to perform the “reroll technique”, based mainly on restarting the game until we have what we want.

Mind you, since Genshin Impact is free to play and is based on gacha-style random character selection, it’s no surprise that getting the best starting character with top-tier stats is quite a challenge. Do not forget that the game is designed to pressure players until we checkout and release some money.

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That said, the fastest and most efficient way to restart the game in Genshin Impact has already been discovered to restart our character and thus obtain better statistics. To log in to Genshin Impact again, we will need to register for a new account and username and then play the first twenty minutes of the game. At the moment we do not know a faster method, so who wants to reroll will need to have patience and time available.

It should be mentioned that restarting the game on PlayStation 4 is more difficult than on PC, since our account is linked to the PSN. If we really want to make this “roll” again, we will have to be willing to create a second PSN account.


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