What is Prop 15 looking for and who does it concern?


A group of California small businesses came together this week in a virtual conference to publicly show their opposition to Proposition 15, which they say could directly affect them.

This motion seeks to increase taxes on property owners but small business owners fear that this added expense will pass into their pockets and eventually to their consumers.

For their part, those who are in favor of Proposition 15, assure that small businessmen are exempt from this tax and that the bad reputation is being caused by large corporations that do not want to pay their share of tariffs.

Laurie Thomas, who owns two small restaurants in San Francisco, said one of her restaurants has been in the same location for the past 24 years and the other for 14 years.

She said that with the pandemic she was so concerned about getting her business going that she wasn’t very well aware of Proposition 15 until recently.

“The concern is that all of our leases are negotiated,” she explained. “I am hooked on 50% of the property tax. She’s on that lease and that’s just terrifying. ”

Because her restaurant is located on the first floor of an old apartment building, the tax includes the entire property and Thomas estimates it may be worth about $ 3 million.

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