What is Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) that Earns 30 Percent?


Binance announced that it has listed the Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) to its users as of this morning. A rise in Ocean Protocol price was expected with this announcement. OCEAN met these expectations and gained more than 50% value. So what is the OCEAN Coin that entered the radar of investors with the Binance news?

Binance, considered one of the most important cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, announced this morning that it listed the Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) with its official statement on its website. Following this announcement, the OCEAN price rose from the $ 0.40 band to $ 0.69, breaking its own record. With a market value of $ 224,470 at the moment, OCEAN ranked 66th in the list of most valuable cryptocurrencies.

OCEAN shared the listing announcement on its Twitter account, and did not forget to thank Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and his team. Binance users will be able to buy and sell Ocean Protocol on OCEAN / BTC, OCEAN / BNB and OCEAN / BUSD pairs for now. Binance will also open the OCEAN / USDT parity on August 19.

What is Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)?

Ocean Protocol Foundation is a Singapore-based non-profit foundation. Generally, the role of the team behind it is to provide open access to the protocol and platform, build long-term management, community and ecosystem, and manage the funds provided. The Foundation is in collaboration with ex Pte Ltd and Bigchain DB GmBH to develop the Ocean Protocol.

Ocean Protocol is a nested framework to allow data and services to be securely shared and sold simultaneously. It can be used in many fields such as trade, technical and management.

OCEAN defines itself as a digital asset that provides data, storage, computational solutions and algorithms for a range of consumption requirements. Based on quality and dignity in its services, OCEAN; It also provides protection against Sybil attacks. OCEAN aims to make data particularly suitable for the use of artificial intelligence applications. In doing so, OCEAN uses the blockchain base that allows data to be shared securely and transparently.


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