What is Nvidia PhysX, What Does It Do?


What is NVIDIA PhysX developed by graphics card manufacturer Nvidia in the process from 2008 to this day? We are explaining the details of PhysX, which makes a difference in the gaming industry and also supports virtual reality technologies.

Nvidia, which is undoubtedly one of the first brands to come to mind when it comes to graphics cards, is the most preferred graphics card manufacturer with GeForce models, which are among the main graphics processor products of the company and are supported by serious quality hardware and software. So, what are the factors that make GeForce models so preferred? Which technologies lead the way in getting ahead of other big competitors? PhysX is part of it

Of course, there are many hardware and software reasons, but in this article, we will examine Nvidia Physx, which is one of the software reasons why Nvidia makes a difference (although it is not as much as RTX Mode).

What is Nvidia PhysX?

Simply PhysX is an additional graphics engine for processing and modeling any physical event we can think of in a three-dimensional computer environment. In other words, Nvidia PhysX is an Nvidia-based API designed to provide a way to model realistic object dynamics in 3D environments.

Suppose we are playing an FPS game and we have to shoot at the enemy with the gun we have. The moment we fire the gun, in addition to the explosion and firing effect, a small amount of smoke and air flow must also occur. This dust smoke and flow are graphically difficult to transfer to games. The smoke coming out of the tip for a long time after the gun is fired adds a realistic atmosphere to the games. Of course, we can explain this not only through gun firing, but also through the flying confetti detonating papers and other objects. PhysX makes all this more realistic.

Will Nvidia PhysX cause FPS loss?

The number of scenes that a game in which Nvidia PhysX is active is effective within the playing time cannot be underestimated. However, it should be noted that Nvidia PhysX is slightly lighter than the new generation RTX mode with its effect in the game. Of course, we have to tell the friends who use these software hardware that they will experience FPS drops with the logic of folding the rose.

For Nvidia PhysX, you are likely to experience a 3% -5% FPS drop that will not affect the gameplay of the game. However, for RTX users, this loss can be around 15% -20% for the RTX mode due to the fact that it is always active in the game we mentioned in the above paragraph.

So we can mention that the effect of Nvdia PhysX on game performance is much more innocent than RTX mode. This is more important than graphics quality for most gamers. Because we need to have a computer with good system requirements in order to experience the features we mentioned fully.

Is it possible to use Nvidia PhysX in every game?

Most gamers may have probably never played any game with this feature, although Nvidia PhysX sounds good for gamers obsessed with graphics. In fact, although it has been a subject that has been studied for many years, only some new games on the market and games in the past have used this technology. We cannot foresee exactly why it is not preferred in games, but let’s not go without saying that both the popularity of Nvidia PhysX and its graphical effect on the game are much overshadowed by Nvidia RTX technology, another software of Nvidia.

Perhaps this situation may be entirely due to the strategic policy followed by Nvidia, because we have definitely seen the comparison photos such as RTX mode ON, RTX mode OFF on social media once. However, it is not a wrong prediction to say that Nvidia PhysX technology will continue to put on top in the future.

The strongest competitor is developing technology against PhysX in AMD:

Software add-ons are highly valued by AMD, which is one of Nvidia’s biggest competitors in the industry, maybe even the biggest. Some of these are AMD Radeon Anti-Lag, AMD Radeon Boost, AMD Radeon Chill, and AMD Radeon Pro Software. AMD strengthens its hand with these technologies.

AMD does not have a technology called AMD PhysX, but AMD FEMFX software, which is the equivalent of Nvidia PhysX, is running on the AMD side. Of course, it is worth mentioning that it has just emerged compared to Nvidia PhysX. AMD is trying to push this technology forward in collaboration with the Unreal Engine game engine.

Latest Version 5.0 of Nvidia PhysX To Be Released Before 2020

For PhysX 5.0 version, it is thought that there are features that can bring games to an age. Even the most detailed grain movement or even the most detailed physical event is expected to pass from the 3D computer environment to our 2D screens and provide us with the closest to reality gaming experience. We can easily say that these developments are great steps for the virtual reality (VR) technology, which is emerging with great acceleration, to advance.

Nvidia PhysX 5.0 announced on January 18, 2020 in the news center of Nvidia, “We will launch this version soon in 2020”. However, although we are in September, it has not been opened yet. Let’s see if Nvidia will keep its promise for the Nvidia PhysX 5.0 version and will be able to release it in 2020.

In summary Nvidia PhysX; It is a software hardware developed by Nvidia in order to further the game pleasure with the graphics and to make the player feel the sense of reality in the gameplay.We hope that the developers continue to add such values ​​to the game industry, which is already at a good level, and we offer these technologies to the players at more reasonable prices.


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