What is LoL ping drop? Here are LoL ping drop methods


Many users experience Ping problems in games played over the internet such as CS: GO, DOTA and LoL. Here “What is LoL?”, “What are LoL ping drop methods?”, “How is LoL ping test done?” The answer to questions like.

What is LoL?

League of Legends (LoL) is a strategy game that can be played as a team or individually. You have to destroy the epicenter of the opponents together with the creatures called minions. By slaughtering monsters like Baron Nashor and Dragon, you can give your team extra attacks, abilities and empowered return.

How is LoL Ping test done? Step by step methods

You can check your average values ​​by doing a ping test for LoL, and inform your service provider early when you encounter an abnormal situation. You can visit websites like speedtest.net to check your Ping values ​​before playing a game. To check Ping while playing the game, you can see your FPS and Ping values ​​by pressing CTRL + F while you are in the game. If you want, you can change the hotkeys via the HOTKEYS tab in the settings menu of the game. What are the LoL ping drop methods for you to have a better gaming experience? You will find more than one answer to the question in our article.

Check your DNS and VPN settings

One of the most effective LoL ping drop methods is DNS and VPN checking. DNS servers that many people are actively using will cause your game connection to slow down. It is usual to have a Ping problem as you will transfer this process to the game servers via the DNS server when you do any action. Also, if you are using a VPN application on your computer, turning off the VPN application while playing games after making your DNS settings default will solve the Ping problem.

Click on the Network and Internet tab located in the Windows settings menu.

Then click the Change adapter options button in the window that opens, then right-click the adapter you have used and click the properties tab.

In the window that opens, click the Internet Protocol Version 4 tab and double click it. Then automatically adjust both parts on the screen that appears.

Change your modem settings

Especially people who play games by connecting to the Wi-Fi network are likely to have a Ping problem. Default wireless network channels of modems provided by service providers have the same value. You will get better Wi-Fi quality results when you select a wireless network channel other than the default channels. You can determine which channel is suitable with programs like Netspot. If your computer and modem support 5 GHz, we recommend that you set your Wi-Fi network to 5 GHz through your modem to avoid delays.

Check devices connected to the network

Another of the most effective LoL ping reduction methods is controlling the activity in your network. Performing control of other devices using your internet in your network and terminating the network connections of high traffic devices will help reduce ping. For example, smartphones regularly download update files. You can cut the network connections for a short time by examining which devices consume how much traffic through your modem interface. In addition, checking the devices on your network periodically will allow you to determine whether malicious users have accessed your network.

Inspect apps running in the background

Some users forget to review applications running in the background while playing games. For example, when you download any torrent file, your LoL ping will increase as it will negatively affect your network traffic. While playing games, playing high-definition videos on YouTube in the background, listening to music over Spotify-like applications will cause a high ping value.

After detecting the programs that use high internet traffic in the background, find the program through the Task Manager, right click it and press the End Task button.

Turn off Windows Updates

Another method to drop LoL ping is deo update shutdown. Many users have a Ping problem in almost all games because they do not turn off Windows Updates. Click the Update & Security tab from the Settings menu.

Then click the Change Active Hours tab in the window that opens. You can prevent the Windows update files from downloading by typing the time period you play the game. Another option is that you can click the Pause updates for 7 days button in the main menu to prevent any action while you are playing the game.


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