What is Liquid Metal Used in PlayStation 5?


Sony, who opened the PlayStation 5 inside and showed the parts of this console one by one, announced that liquid metal was used to cool the processor. So what does this liquid metal do? If liquid metal was this good, other technology companies do not prefer this kind of solution?

In our news that we shared with you recently, we shared a video of Sony opening the PlayStation 5 and showing all the hardware one by one. In this news, we will talk about perhaps the most crucial point of the video shared that day. That is because Sony uses liquid metal on the PlayStation 5 and why this is preferred.

The biggest problem of every electronic product with a processor is temperature. All processors on the market operate under a serious load to provide the best performance as designed. This naturally leads to high temperature and the temperature must somehow be transferred. At this point, thermal pastes are used. These pastes, which are applied to the junction point of the processors with the coolers placed on the processors, ensure that the temperature is transferred to the cooling equipment and the processor temperature remains at a certain level. Sony uses liquid metal instead of thermal paste in its new game console. This is critical for the performance of PlayStation 5.

The reason for using liquid metal on PlayStation 5 is to increase the effect of thermal pastes several times.

Sony has already announced that PlayStation 5 will use a processor manufactured by AMD. This high performance processor has been developed to provide the best experience for gamers. As a matter of fact, PlayStation 5 engineers sought a new solution in order to prevent the performance loss of the processor that was blazing while working and to prevent the players from being affected by this situation. At this point, the solution we come across is liquid metal used as thermal paste. In this way, engineers have provided both high performance and silent operation of the PlayStation 5.

We are aware that we are praising liquid metals up to this point in our news. On top of all these compliments, you may have wondered why these materials were not used before, not only on PlayStation 5 but on other laptops or desktop PCs. You are right … However, there are some acceptable reasons for not using liquid metal in products with processors. Let’s take a closer look at these reasons.

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Liquid metal is very difficult to apply. Because, as the name implies, this material is a metal. In other words, it has a structure that can transmit electric current. This means that liquid metal that is not applied correctly can cause a short circuit in the device. In addition, liquid metals are not advantageous in terms of fluidity. If you’ve ever changed your processor’s thermal paste, you know; Thermal pastes have the consistency of toothpaste. Liquid metal makes it difficult to transport the products used with its fluidity. Even a poorly applied liquid metal can reach peripherals even with a slight shake. This kind of failure can also lead to short circuits, as we have just mentioned.

Sony spent at least 2 years on liquid metal cooling system

According to the statements made by Sony, the engineers spent at least 2 years on the liquid metal solution that will cool the PlayStation 5’s processor. Saying that this process was quite painful, the officials said that all the possibilities that came to mind during the acceptance process of the liquid metal were evaluated and these possibilities were tested one by one. The system, which passed all these tests, has become one of the critical parts that give life to PlayStation 5 today.

“Then the PlayStation 5 will never get hot.” No, there is no such thing

The fact that Sony’s use of liquid metal on the PlayStation 5 does not mean that this game console will never get hot. Because such a thing is not possible according to the laws of thermodynamics. The only contribution of liquid metal to this console is to transfer the heat released by the working processor. However, when we look at the event in terms of performance, Sony has developed a system that works better than thermal pastes with this solution.


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