What is Kwai and how to edit videos on the social network


With the growth of social networks during the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the demand for applications that perform various functions in the market began to be in high demand.

What is Kwai?

Kwai is a free social network for short videos and trend sharing. Competitor of TikTok, the application has as a differential the interaction between users, in addition to the quick editing of videos. The app is available for download on mobile phones with Android and IOS (iPhone) operating systems.

With it, the user can create, share videos about behavior, daily challenges and even interact with content creators, in a layout similar to Instagram. There is also the possibility to create videos from photos, apply effects, soundtracks, stickers and filters, very similar to Snapchat.

How the app works

The app is recommended for people over 17 and offers the following categories: Memes, Dance, Music, Humor, Blog, Beauty, Makeup, Fashion, Sports, Pets, among others. With the social network, it is possible to search for videos and people in the tab with the magnifying glass icon, using name or hashtag. It also allows you to create duets with internet influencers.

There is also the option to download and save videos to watch offline. It also makes it possible to share videos on other platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger and others.

How to make money on Kwai?

Successful in China and India, the app is developed by the Chinese company Kuaishou, which since 2011 is a reference in content sharing, and has become a leader in videos in the world, with more than 250 million content creators. The Kwai app, however, only arrived in Brazil in 2019.

In addition, the app allows the accumulation of rewards for those who check in daily, through Kwai Golds, which can be exchanged for cash. Points can be withdrawn via pix, bank transfer, or cell phone recharge. It is worth remembering that the Kwai Golds mission has a validity period.

How to edit videos on Kwai

1- Download

To start using Kwai and have fun with creative videos, you need to download the free app from the App Store or Google Play.

2- Access

Then log in, which can be accessed with the same Facebook, Google, Twitter account or even a phone number. In the latter case, it is necessary to inform the DDD and add the verification code sent by SMS.

3- Permission to use

In addition to the login, it is necessary to create a password and allow the application to access the camera, microphone and photos of the cell phone. You also have the possibility to use ready-made movies from the application, without access to the user’s library.

4- Edition

To edit, you need to include a video on the timeline and unleash your creativity in creating fun videos.

5- Resources

It is possible to adjust the light filter, making the video lighter or darker. It also allows you to include a soundtrack, which is saved on your phone, or add suggestions from the app.

The user can change the speed, insert a timer, “beautify” the video, choose effects, text and even stickers. You can also use the microphone to record audio and include it in the video. Then, just watch the content and adjust the size, shortening or lengthening.

Weekly, the platform launches new filters and challenges, taking Brazilian culture as a reference. In June 2020, for example, it launched “São João de Todos”, in partnership with the Sua Música app, and gathered more than 12 million users in lives with the main artists.

The great advantage of Kwai is due to the unique algorithm that allows a better distribution of content produced, compared to those made by users who already have a large number of followers. The platform also features a personalized recommendation engine that covers a variety of content creators.

Study on habits in Kwai revealed how Brazilians occupied themselves in isolation
According to the developer of the application, more and more Brazilians started to enjoy short videos about cooking, learning and activities at home. Between March and July 2020, the application had already exceeded 20 million users in Brazil.

Since March last year, the demand for the keywords: mask, quarantine, coronavirus and pandemic has grown. A change in the mood of users can also be observed.

At the beginning of the pandemic, for example, the most frequent themes were boredom, rest and relaxation. In April 2020, the hashtag #toemcasa had more than 41 thousand posts.

As time passed, there was a change in behavior, with greater searches on subjects such as fun and happiness, posts related to cooking, physical exercises and online classes. The content profile showed a higher productivity of users, mainly in July last year.


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