What is Jimin’s MBTI from BTS? His personality according to the test


There are different types of personalities that have been classified by their characteristics, Jimin’s MBTI will give you clues about his true way of being.

Do you know the MBTI test? It is about various questions that reveal how you are depending on the way you act in certain situations, recognizing how much you identify with each choice. The BTS guys also answered this questionnaire and today we tell you about Jimin’s results.

BTS fans have already seen many of the qualities and characteristics of this singer in general, but by knowing his personality type you will be able to reflect on how much the Filter interpreter adapts to the description given by the quiz.

In addition, you could discover other skills that are present in the essence of Park Jimin and that until now you may not have realized.


Jimin’s MBTI is ENFJ, meaning he has the personality type known as Protagonist. This result corresponds to people who are really authentic, when you see them you can realize that they are really unique and also show surprising confidence.

People like Jimin who have achieved the ENFJ result tend to be destined to become leaders, possessing skills that make them fully capable of such positions.

With the above we mean that they have extensive communication skills, they influence those who know and listen to them, they are charismatic by nature and also have a great passion for their ideals, which is why they leave a great impact on others.

They have an altruistic sense that cannot be hidden, they want to help others and contribute to make things better, although this can sometimes cause them stress due to the passionate way in which they approach each problem or situation they want to solve.

This is one of the most special areas for people with the ENFJ personality, because for them having close friends with an honest and loyal relationship makes them feel alive and helps them find a purpose to pursue.

Do you think these descriptions match Jimin’s qualities? Remember that these are general traits but several of them could go very well with the idol’s way of being.

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