What is it like to meet BTS in person?


What is BTS like in person? K-pop idols are very different behind the scenes. The BigHit group is becoming more popular every day, so it is not surprising that thousands of ARMY want to meet them, because it is a magical moment when you realize that the people who make you happy through their music really exist, they are real and they are like you, a girl had the opportunity to meet them in person.

Through social media, a BTS fan revealed his experience meeting the group in person. The girl apparently was part of the staff of the K-pop group, so he was able to be close to the boys and learn about another facet of the idols, he described each of them, because although on stage they look very professional, there are details that they only know those who deal with them.

He explained that Taehyung steals glances instantly, because when he saw him he was very impressed, because he is a very attractive boy, also, he walked in front of his. He also confessed that he saw his smile very closely, during the filming, he and J-Hope concentrate on the screens, he even records behind the scenes to remember that moment.


Jimin and Jungkook also showed their personality, together with V, the three of them take advantage of their free moments to talk, play or laugh, the work in the group is not so serious, because they enjoy what they do. The idols also joke, although they scare more than one and receive a wake-up call, as one of them tried to carry the other on his shoulders, but he almost fell.

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His experience was closer to the Maknae Line, V, Jungkook and Jimin, although she could not see the others or did not tell details about the other BTS members, she enjoyed this anecdote, because she met the naughty side of the boys, who despite being very popular in the world, they are still very young and enjoy life with friends.

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