What is Harmony that sees ATH by doubling it in a week?


Harmony (ONE) tripled its price within a week and saw ATH on March 15, rising to $ 0.104. So what are Harmony and ONE tokens?

Harmony (ONE) gained 5.404 percent on the annual chart, 342 percent on the monthly chart and 160 percent on the weekly chart. The token rose 54 percent on a daily basis and hit an all-time high.

ONE, which ranks 89th with a market value of $ 899 million, has a daily trading volume of $ 697 million.

What are Harmony and ONE tokens?

Harmony; It is a project focused on speed, security, scalability and energy saving. Harmony users can use Ethereum-based tools and applications thanks to the bridge between the two.

Operations, storage space and nodes within the network are divided into parts, each containing 250 nodes, using the sharding method. Transactions are confirmed by the Effective-Proof-of-Stake mechanism, which is a unique derivative of PoS. In this way, two blocks can be produced per second with low transaction fees.

Harmony rewards stakers with their own token ONE. ONE owners can use it to participate in online voting, in addition to things like making transactions, paying gas fees, etc. ONE supply is based on fixed 441 million annual tokens, staking rewards and annual rates of return. The circulating supply is 9.2 billion.

Exchanges listing ONE token; Bitexen, Binance, Bitcoin.com, Huobi, Bilaxy, MXC, KuCoin, BitMax, WazirX, Gate.io, HitBTC, EXMO.


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