What Is Hardware? Understand Everything That Makes Up Your PC


Hardware is the name given to the components that make up a PC. From the processor to the RAM memory, to your external peripherals, they are vital to the functioning of your machine, each with a particular function.

Today, TecMundo explains in detail what hardware is, how they compose a PC, and the difference in relation to software. Check out:

What is Hardware

Hardware is an electronic piece that, together with others, makes up a PC. It is made up of electrical circuits and controlled by an operating system and software, which have a brain function for this component.

Hardware can be internal or external, that is, it can be housed inside a computer case or outside. The big difference between them is that generally the parts that make up the inside of a PC are connected directly to the motherboard and are not easily exchanged in the same period as those that are on the outside.

It is important to remember that other electronic devices are also made up of hardware, such as notebooks and cell phones. These, in turn, also have components similar to those of a computer, but with smaller sizes and different capacities.