What Is Ghosting, Breadcrumbing, Orbiting, Benching, Cushioning In Whatsapp, Instagram And Other Apps?


Whatsapp: The expansion of the use of social networks has increased the level of social interaction but has also generated new and not always healthy interaction routines between users, which sometimes represent a real obstacle to socializing (the supposed objective of social networks and apps of instant messaging such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram or even specific applications to meet people and find a partner. Some of these bad habits already have their own name. We will tell you what they are so that you learn to identify them and thus be able to protect yourself from toxic interactions:

What is ghosting?

Ghosting consists of disappearing unexpectedly and for no apparent reason. The ghost suddenly does not respond to messages, audios, calls… from a person with whom he had frequent contact through dating apps or social networks. There are people who, by ghosting, can block the contact to prevent being contacted by the “ghosted” person. It is easy to find out that you have been ghosted because suddenly your interlocutor no longer answers, no matter what you write. If a contact has blocked you, their profile picture disappears and only a tick appears when you send new messages, but they can also ghost you without blocking you by muting WhatsApp conversations.

What is orbiting?

Orbiting is not to be confused with ghosting and occurs when a person who was part of your life (someone you were meeting or your ex) disappears without leaving completely and continues to orbit in your life. He interacts from a distance from time to time, through social networks or messages, just to remind you that he is there and boost your ego, preventing you from turning the page. The best thing in these cases is to take the step to let you move forward and block this contact.