What Is Gettr, The Pro-Donald Trump Social Network?


Gettr: Last Sunday (4), members of former President Donald Trump’s team launched the social network Gettr. The idea of ​​creating a platform came after the Republican was banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for encouraging the invasion of the US Capitol earlier this year.

According to the team behind the app, the big techs “shut up” people with conservative thinking. Since being banned, Trump has been using the blog From the Desk of Donald Trump, where he shared photos, videos and short messages with his fans. The page was discontinued after a month for lack of audience.

Already on the first day, the new social network for Trump supporters was hacked, information confirmed by Jason Miller, the former president’s right-hand man. “The problem was detected and sealed in a matter of minutes, and all the intruder was able to do was change some usernames,” Miller told Reuters.

What is Gettr?

Gettr is a social network with an interface and features extremely similar to Twitter, which was widely used by the former president of the United States. The difference is that, according to the description of the app, it is a “social network based on freedom of expression and that rejects political censorship and the culture of cancellation.”

Posts may contain 777 characters, videos of up to three minutes and live streams. In addition, the app allows users to import a copy of all their Twitter posts and followers to the platform. Before being officially released, the application spent several months in the testing phase and has more than 500,000 downloads.

Who is behind Gettr?

Gettr was an initiative of Jason Miller himself, who was also Trump’s spokesman. Tim Murtaugh, who participated in the Republican election campaign, is present as a consultant for the initiative. It remains to be seen what the role was or whether the former president actually participated in the design of the app.

Miller told Fox News that he expected Trump to join Gettr, but that the Republican is considering what to do. “There’s a reserved account waiting for him, but that’s a decision he must make himself,” he said. Furthermore, Miller claims that Trump did not fund the network.


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