What is Full HD? here are all the details


Probably, you have already encountered the expression Full HD when you went to purchase a TV, smartphone or any electronic device that has an integrated display, after all, the expression mentioned refers to the resolution of a screen, identifying how many pixels are present in the image. It should be noted that an image with more pixels means that it has a better definition or quality.

In Full HD resolution, a display is 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high, and it is common for Full HD resolution to also be referred to as 1080p (referring only to height pixels). Full HD arrived to replace the HD (High Definition) format, which in turn offered a resolution of around 720p, being 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels high.

The ideal resolution

Full HD became very popular on televisions, which used the expression to identify that the display promised an image similar to what was possible to see in a cinema, for example. This is mainly due to the screen format, since in Full HD the standard becomes a 16: 9 aspect ratio, increasing the width of the images, as well as a cinema screen.

If, on the one hand, Full HD TVs have become a kind of minimum standard for a satisfying experience, computer monitors and notebook screens do not seem to have kept up with the evolution of technology. Currently, we have already consolidated the 4K resolution (four times more pixels than Full HD) and we are starting to see more 8K displays reaching the market, but most notebooks sold in Brazil still have HD screens (1366×768).

Full HD in 2021

As mentioned, even though there is already an offer of displays with resolutions much higher than Full HD, the standard still offers a very acceptable image quality, especially in a scenario in which the main source of user content is Digital TV or even subscriptions. basic streaming services.

Anyway, mainly for TVs, it is possible to say that it is currently much more interesting to consider models with 4K resolution, since the evolution of the panels has already allowed the price of this type of display to become more accessible.


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