What is Flow that quadruples in a month?


Flow (FLOW) price rose to $ 30 on March 1st, hitting ATH. So what are Flow and FLOW tokens?

Flow (FLOW), which gained 224 percent on the monthly chart, increased by 29 percent on the weekly chart. The FLOW token hit an all-time high of $ 30.07 on March 1, while its lowest price level hit $ 4.95 on January 27.

The FLOW token, whose market value reached $ 685 million, saw a 30 percent increase in the 24-hour time frame. Daily trading volume is 144 million dollars.

What are Flow and FLOW tokens?

Flow network designed by the CryptoKitties team; It is a decentralized, fast and software developer-friendly platform. NFTs, digital assets, games and applications are at the center of the Flow network. Flow users can keep their data under control thanks to the applications on the network. Flow has replaced the node system in a standard blockchain network. What a node normally does in Flow; It is divided into four different branches as collection, consensus, application and verification. Thus, the operations performed on the network are performed faster and more efficiently.

Using the programming language called Cadence, Flow makes it easier to update smart contracts and fix errors. Besides, fiat-based and algorithmic stablecoins can be integrated into the Flow network. Flow; It works with companies such as Samsung, Endeavor, SVAngel, AppWorks, USV, NBA, Ubisoft, Warner Music Group.

The FLOW token powers the Flow network. The application, NFT and other digital assets developed on the network are traded with FLOW tokens. In addition, when paying transaction fees or voting, payment is made via FLOW. In the staking network, FLOW tokens are given as a staking reward.

The FLOW token, which had a total supply of 1.25 billion in the first month of its implementation, has a circulating supply of 23 million. This number is predicted to rise to hundreds of millions over time. Exchanges where FLOW tokens are located; Huobi, OKEx, Coinlist, Kraken, HitBTC.


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