What is ECOMI, Rising Four Times in One Week?


ECOMI (OMI), which was announced to be listed on the Uniswap exchange on March 24, saw ATH on March 19, rising to $ 0.01. So what are ECOMI and OMI tokens?

ECOMI (OMI); it gained 46.597 percent on the annual chart, 1845 percent on the monthly chart, and 320 percent on the weekly chart. Valued at 42 percent on a daily basis, OMI reached an all-time high.

With a market value of $ 2.1 billion, OMI is positioned 50th with its market value. OMI’s daily transaction volume is 145 million dollars.

What are ECOMI and OMI tokens?

Singapore-based ECOMI aims to protect cryptocurrencies and NFTs securely. With the VeVe application it offers, it states that it wants to offer secure purchase and sale opportunity for NFTs from a single location. In application-based VeVe, users can buy and sell NFT, create virtual galleries and collections or exhibit.

ECOMI, which wants to lead the way in digital asset security, has presented its Secure Wallet cryptocurrency wallet. It is stated that Secure Wallet supports more than 1000 cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The product used as a hardware wallet is in the size of a credit card and can be viewed with a mobile application.

Staking is done at ECOMI. Staking users earn OMI token rewards, while liquidity is provided to the platform. OMI tokens are used in trading transactions on the platform. The OMI token supply is stated as 750 billion, while the circulating supply is 166 billion. The exchanges listing OMI tokens are Bitforex and BitMax.


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