What is Consumer Day? Here Are Details


World Consumer Rights Day, as the name suggests, aims to celebrate consumer rights. The date was inspired by a speech made on March 15, 1962, by the then President of the United States, John Kennedy. On the occasion, he stressed that every consumer has the right to security, information, choice and to be heard. After generating debates in several countries and encouraging studies on the topic, his speech became a milestone in the defense of these rights.

In 1983, Consumer Day was celebrated for the first time. Since then, the date has been seen as an opportunity to demand compliance with the rights provided for by law. In the last year, the movement focused on the theme “Sustainable Consumer” and in 2019, “Reliable Intelligent Products”. Now it remains to be seen which theme will be chosen for 2021.

Seven years after the first celebration, in 1990, Brazil instituted the Consumer Protection Code, which contains protections and penalties aimed at the relationship between supplier and customer. His need arose from the consumer protection movement in the country and contributed to the emergence of the country’s Procons.

How to participate in Consumer Day?

Annually, Consumers International organizes numerous events focused on Consumer Day. There are more than 100 participating countries and you can check the schedule on the official website (https://www.consumersinternational.org/).

But, after all, what is a consumer?

Generally speaking, a consumer is any natural or legal person who purchases or uses a product or service as the final recipient. That is, all of us. As consumers, we are entitled to rights such as protection of life and health, freedom to choose products and services, protection against misleading and abusive advertising, quality of public services, among others.

Consumer Day in Brazil

Although it came with another purpose, the date acquired a commercial character over the years, as well as Black Friday. According to a purchase intention survey by Social Miner and Opinion Box, in 2019, only 46.9% of people knew the date. In the following year, that number rose to 64.1% and the trend is for growth.

The analysis also indicates that, in 2019, the sales volume on the date was 76.53% higher than the average of the other days of the first quarter. Called by some “Black Friday of the first quarter”, the date should generate big profits for the commerce in 2021.

Taking advantage of this hook, we highlight that the Consumer Day is no longer just an opportunity to raise awareness of the rights already won, to become a way to put this knowledge into practice when shopping.


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