What is Binance Vault and How to Use It?


Binance officially announced the Binance Vault (BNB Vault) on November 3, 2020. According to the company’s statement, Binance Vault will allow users with BNB to easily take advantage of all the benefits of the Binance system and earn daily income.

“Let us deal with technical issues and fraud cases,” Binance CEO shared the news of the BNB Vault posted on the Binance website on his CZ Twitter account. He explained and invited people to use Binance Vault.

What is Binance Vault (BNB Vault)?

Crypto currency exchange Binance announced that BNB Vault, which provides daily income in the BNB system, is ready for use as of November 3. According to the news shared in the announcement section of Binance, BNB Vault has a fully flexible system and is offered as an investment product with a capital protection guarantee. It is stated that users can earn the highest level of revenue with a single click over the BNBs they own.

What are the features of the BNB Vault?

BNB Vault is a platform offered by Binance as an investment product, providing ease of earning with one click. According to the information on their website, the annual interest rate expected to be obtained through BNB Vault varies between 5-8%. Interest yields aim to combine Flexible Savings, BNB DeFi Staking and Launchpool to provide the best annual interest rate. In addition, it is stated that the revenues from other platforms will also be calculated.

What are the advantages of BNB Vault?

Binance Vault allows BNB users to quickly and easily earn annual interest earnings. In addition, users have the chance to exit the BNB Vault whenever they want. Stating that it is easy to use, Binance believes that this new system will be very useful for those who want to earn daily earnings. In addition, other advantages and conveniences offered by Binance can be used in the Vault system. Users will be able to continue to benefit from other advantages available on Binance such as airdrops, Launchpads, and VIP opportunities.

How to use BNB Vault?

According to the information written on the website of BNB Vault, the interest income received from the system by the users registered to Vault will be directly deposited into their accounts. Vault revenue will be calculated and sent to users’ accounts on the basis of Launchpool, BNB DeFi Staking, flexible savings accounts and tokens from other platforms. Interest calculations will start on the 2nd day of the investment, will be calculated daily and the revenues will be paid to users on the 3rd day. Users who want to withdraw their money from Vault will be able to perform their transactions with support whenever they want.


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