What is Battle Royale? Everything about this game genre


Anyone who has played video games over the past few years has certainly come across the term Battle Royale, which represents one of the most popular genres today. Starting from the same idea in common, several games gave their own approach to the theme, with varying levels of success.

We’ve already listed here the best Battle Royale games for you to enjoy, but it’s also cool to understand exactly how and where this fever started before you started playing. Especially since that nomenclature didn’t even appear in video games! Understand in our full article below!

The origins of Battle Royale

Before the genre exploded in popularity in video games, Battle Royale was best known in pop culture as a novel by Japanese writer Koushun Takami. Batoru Rowairu was published in 1999 and shows a group of students who are forced to fight each other to death until only one winner remains.

Despite the controversial and heavy narrative, or perhaps even because of it, the book ended up becoming a best seller and, in 2000, was adapted for manga and film, which further increased its success. Although there are no official records of this, it is possible that Takami was inspired by the fights organized by British boxers during the 18th century, who participated in tournaments with a very similar elimination scheme.

With the renewed success of Battle Royale, the early 2000s saw the sport inspire other books (such as the Hunger Games phenomenon) and MMA and wrestling tournaments in arenas across the planet. It seemed like a matter of time before they ended up in games, which actually happened in 2012.

Battle Royale in video games

As much as the battle royale formula has appeared dozens or hundreds of times in games in one way or another, as in the infamous survival minigames of the classic Mario Party franchise, the explosion only came when Brendan Greene created a DayZ mod. called PlayerUnknown.

Already experienced after working on H1Z1, Greene helped developer Bluehole to launch PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which was to become one of the most influential games of all time. His formula for dropping parachute players on an island has been widely copied over the years.

Even Fortnite made a change of course in its development and went on to place an extremely similar proposal as the flagship of its game, which undoubtedly helped it become one of the greatest phenomena in history.

Noting the gold mine that Fortnite had become, the most diverse studios tried their luck in the formula, with varying degrees of success. Among the games that managed to win millions of fans are Free Fire, Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone.


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