What Is Ashley from Under Deck Sailing Yacht Doing Now? The cast has left OnlyFans


Ashley Marty quit Under Deck Sailing Yacht after appearing on the Bravo show and says she is now making more money on OnlyFans.

Marty became a viral sensation during the 3rd season of “Under the Deck of a Sailing Yacht”, becoming a magnet for drama not only on the high seas, but also on social networks.

Since many fans are looking forward to Season 4, when the show was renewed by Bravo, there is one bomb from the previous line-up that they should not expect to reappear.

Here we will tell you what happened to Ashley from the yacht Under Deck Sailing Yacht and what she is doing now.

What happened to Ashley Marty from the sailing yacht below deck

Ashley Marty was introduced on a steamy yacht below deck, the last time in the third season before leaving the show.

The New Yorker also didn’t show up for the show’s reunion after a controversial charter season on BDSY.

She was one of the most controversial, and viewers called her spiteful because of some decisions made during the charter season. Marty got involved with Tom Pearson and was in a kind of love triangle with Tom and Gary King. Tom was fired after being too distracted to do his job as a sailor, so she later pursued Gary again after a previous rejection.

Fans of Under Deck Sailing Yacht have also accused Ashley of sexually harassing Gary, but he said it was done to make it look “bigger than it really was” at the reunion show. He also said that contacting her on the show was a mistake.

“I appreciate everyone who stands up for me, but I have my own voice, and I would use it if I was attacked,” he concluded.

Starting with the third season, Ashley left the show and started creating content on OnlyFans.

Ashley is now earning “more money” on OF after “Under Deck.”

In June 2022, Ashley Marty took to Twitter to thank Bravo for mentioning her OnlyFans channel, calling it “free” in her post.

“I like to wake up and see that I’ve made more money in a couple of hours than Bravo paid me in six weeks.”

I just want to thank @BravoWWHL for the free advertising! I like to wake up and see that in a couple of hours I earned more money than #Bravo paid me in 6 weeks pic.twitter.com/bygrgIS2L1

Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers may be wondering if this explosive character would ever return to the show, but it seems highly unlikely.


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