What Is And How To Use Android Auto


Android Auto: Very useful and safe for traffic, Android Auto is an application available on almost all smartphones with the Google operating system. However, few people know the advantages it can offer.

In this brief guide, we will explain some features that help the driver to focus on the steering wheel. As well, we’ll show you the benefits of using the app directly from your phone or in your car’s entertainment system.

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is software developed by Google especially for use in vehicles. Launched in March 2015, its goal is to make life easier for drivers while they keep an eye on traffic.

The system has three main functions: a GPS-based navigation guide, support for phone calls and audio playback. All can be managed using the cell phone or the vehicle information panel with compatible systems.

Android Auto is available for free on the Play Store. If the driver has a device with Android 10 or higher, the application is installed at the factory.


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