What Is And How To Clean Your Fingerprint, The Trace You Leave On The Internet


Fingerprint: You take out your mobile, and open a social network, a web browser, an email manager, a music streaming platform. You turn on the laptop, and you start watching Netflix or shopping on Amazon. You take the PS4 or Xbox One controller and play online. Every comment you post, every ‘like’ you give, every photo you share, everything you buy … Every time you go online, you leave a trace. That trace is called a ‘fingerprint’, and everyone has it.

The Fingerprint

Your data tracking reveals a detailed picture of who you are and what you like. This data is valuable and is often monetized through “free” applications and services such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. When you log in, you are tracked on every page you visit. According to the experts at the antivirus firm Avast, there are costs and benefits that come with your data tracking. For example, when sites know what you like, you see more relevant ads for products and services that appeal to you.

When you allow cookies on websites, they remember what you have seen or clicked on and can make your visit faster and less repetitive.

But everything has its dark side, and other sites and platforms can “search or share elements of your fingerprints. And something that you thought you were sending as a private message can easily be shared with a wider audience, which can be embarrassing or hurtful. Worst of all: once it’s on the Internet, it lives there forever. ”

Activity data log

Here’s how it works: When you visit a website, it collects information about you by setting cookies on your phone, tablet, or computer browser. This information includes your IP address (Internet Protocol – a unique address that identifies a device on the Internet or a local network), your login details, and anything else about yourself that you reveal or post about yourself.

When you choose to post on social media platforms, subscribe to newsletters or text alerts, or agree to install cookies by clicking “Accept” on a cookie consent banner on a website, “you are leaving a data record of your activity . Your fingerprint is basically your online reputation. It can be helpful or harmful. What you say online can affect your everyday life. “


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