What Is And How Does GeForce Now Work? See The Differences With XCloud


GeForce Now: Nvidia and Abya announced today (13) that GeForce Now is arriving tomorrow (14) in Brazil after a period of testing. The service works with over 800 games that are on platforms like Steam and Epic Games Store.

This is the second gaming service via the cloud to arrive in Brazil recently, since at the end of last month Microsoft announced the launch of the beta version of xCloud here.

Because of that, Voxel has prepared a guide of what is and how GeForce Now works and comparisons with the competitor xCloud. Check out all the details below.

What is GeForce Now?

According to Nvidia, GeForce Now is a streaming service “that provides streaming games directly from the cloud to your computer, notebook, desktop, Mac, or Android device.”

From there, the user can connect to online store accounts such as Steam and Epic Games to “stream their own game library or even play their favorite games for free”.

Because of the cloud, the player can start the game on one device and then continue with the save in another location.

What devices does GeForce Now work?

PC (Windows);
PC (Mac OS);
Android smartphone;
iOS smartphone;
Android TV.

GeForce Now runs games from which stores?

Ubisoft Connect;
Epic Games;


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