What is an E-Boy? Learn to identify it


Learn about this new boy trend that emerged on TikTok and who they are.

What is an E-Boy? Terms such as Softboy and Fuckboy have circulated on social networks and the Internet , guys who only play with your heart and are looking for a casual date but without interest in a romantic relationship.

But there are also the E-Boy , What ?????? Neglect, apparently they are not a danger to your emotional stability, in fact, they seem harmless and they are … or so it seems, we tell you everything you should know about them

What does E-boy mean?

In modern times, he is basically defined as the new gothic boy , but with an aesthetic touch far from the culture that has predominated since 1970. We cannot call them Emo children either, an urban tribe of the 2000s that was characterized by large pompadours or fallen fringe, line your eyes in black, wear skinny jeans and consider yourself as a sad and misunderstood teenager.

However, E-Boys are more cheerful, in fact, they have anime, social networks, selfies and video games or technology as their hobbies.

The E-Boythey are characterized by the way of dressing, accessories and the personality that they handle. They are reserved, but they could be considered flirtatious, since they usually model in the photos and make gestures as if they were a movie star.

@shane.emmersonBeing king is easy tag someone who should challenge me ##foryyou ##fyp ##eboy

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How to identify them?

They wear black clothes, dress pants or jeans. Black shirts or striped or plaid shirts, they also usually wear white or gray or dark hats (bennie). Black or converse shoes.

They always carry chains , it is an indispensable accessory, arguably their element. Be it necklaces, bracelets, belts, but they always have them hanging.

His hairstyle and makeup is very simple, his hair is loose and tousled, the paleness of his face stands out a lot, they can also have earrings and his look could be a bit confused with that of skate culture.

They are not going to break your heart or play with your feelings, the E-Boys are a fashion and style trend that emerged on TikTok, in fact you can see countless videos on the platform. About the music they listen to, they could be said to be lovers of Billie Eilish, The 1975, Twenty One Pilots, among others.

Are they really harmless?

@filip.szycEboy vs softboy? ##foryou ##newtrend ##foryoupage ##trending♬ Soft Boi Szn – bingbongshowtime

Some descriptions indicate that it is an aesthetic trend of social networks, they do not seek a casual relationship or conquer all the girls, yes, it is said that it is a youth movement that is against the culture of boomers or influencers, they are some elegant and gothic rebels.


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