What is actually the Happiest ending of Cyberpunk 2077 for Video

In the open role-playing action movie Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt Red, several different endings are available, which were influenced by both variants of the main plot dialogue, side quests, and character novels, and they range from destructive to bittersweet. In the end, the fate of the protagonist of Cyberpunk 2077 Vi is determined by the player with one unavoidable caveat: if Vi survives, he will have only six months to live because of the Relic. Vi never specifically escapes his fate, but despite the impending tragedy, Vi can achieve a happy ending, or at least the closest to a happy ending that exists in the dark universe of Cyberpunk 2077.
[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Cyberpunk 2077.]
The easy aspect of narrowing down the happiest ending of the Vi is that most endings are disqualified from the start. The suicidal ending, known as the “Path of Least Resistance”, is particularly moody and is one of the most unexpected “bad endings” in a video game. A good rule of thumb: any ending that might be straight out of Silent Hill is best avoided. The “Devil” ending is the similarly sinister ending to the Cyberpunk 2077 story and has a V-side with Arasaka, a villainous megacorporation, to remove their biochip. Either Vee is trapped in cyberspace with no certainty that they will return, or they return to Earth abandoned by their friends. The ending “Moderation” — another result in which V is dead — is also not suitable.
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Ultimately, the best outcome for Vi depends on the player whose choice shapes Vi’s personality. At the beginning of the game, Dexter Deshawn asks the player if he prefers to “live in peace” or perish in a “blaze of glory”, and when it comes to a happy ending, this is the only option. The player decides whether Vi wants a quiet life, plunged into serene obscurity, or wants to leave as a legend. Thus, the happiest ending is either “The Star”, where Vi finds a long—awaited peaceful existence, or the secret ending of Cyberpunk 2077 “The Sun”, where Vi becomes the living legend they always wanted to be.
The endings of The Sun and Th Star in Cyberpunk 2077 depend on the choice of Vi
“Star” is the most traditionally good ending, and it can even be considered something like “happily ever after”, especially if the player chooses the romantic path of Panama. In this finale, Vee leaves Night City with Panam and her nomad clan, discovering that their lives have an expiration date. Panam reveals that she has a friend who can help save Vee from their fate, so Vee rides off into the sunset, joining one of the less violent cyberpunk factions. This ending gives Vi a peaceful existence, hope for a long life and romance with the Panam from Cyberpunk 2077, so for any player who thinks that Vi just wants to settle down, “Star” is undoubtedly the happiest ending of Vi.
However, some players think that Vee will burn out rather than turn black. Being a legend in Night City requires sacrifice, and that’s what the ending of “The Sun” entails. V captures the afterlife and becomes a legend of Night City. V turns out to be alone, but the whole town knows his name, and, in the end, they go on one last mission: robbing the Crystal Palace Casino on behalf of a client who claims that he can save V’s life.
This ending, which could lead to a potential Cyberpunk 2077 space expansion, is best if it follows the secret ending of “Don’t Be Afraid of the Reaper”, where V and Johnny raid Arasaka without their allies. Going alone is extremely risky, but it means that no one will die during the last mission. V, who leads a life of violence, is selfish; they abandon their relationship to attempt a suicide mission, and accept the resulting fame rather than leave Night City. However, if the player’s version of Vi wants nothing but fame and fortune, this is the happiest ending of Vi. V finishes his job like a real renegade, saves his friends from danger and becomes a member of the royal family of Night City. They may have lost their romantic interest, but they have A night city in the palm of your hand, a way to escape your fate and the most ambitious job in the world ahead, truly embodying the harsh and glamorous spirit of Cyberpunk 2077.