What is a professional video editing island and installed?


We are undoubtedly at a time when video production has become the “breadwinner” of many people – since platforms dedicated to this type of content are increasingly present in people’s daily lives. YouTube, TikTok and Reels are just a few examples, but to participate actively in this world, having equipment capable of processing such materials at the time of developing them is essential. For this, there are the so-called professional video editing islands.

The term basically refers to a computer with all the components and accessories that allow fluid and gag-free editing. This means that everything needs to be updated, fast and powerful, in addition to supporting the latest programs and, of course, withstanding advanced captures, such as those with 4K resolution.

It is worth mentioning that a monitor with high image fidelity makes all the difference and that the case must be prepared to accommodate more parts than those found on simple PCs; after all, a single SSD does not account for the required storage capacity.

In addition to multiple hard drives, oversized coolers for the processor (with improved clock speed and multiple cores), newer graphics cards and multiple RAM sticks usually guarantee the performance expected by the user – which cannot waste any time after designing an original idea or meeting tight deadlines.

After that, it is necessary to consider the acquisition of the most suitable peripherals to avoid injuries and enable uninterrupted hours of work, such as mice, keyboards, headphones and a comfortable chair. Dedicated speakers and tables are also welcome options.

In order to avoid making so many decisions and tiresome analysis of compatibility that may not deliver the desired potential, it is also possible to choose machines ready for the task.

Ready to use!

Reliable computing performance for complex creative projects and advanced technology architecture are found in the ConceptD 500, Acer’s solution that offers Intel® Core ™ i9 CPU and NVIDIA® Quadro RTX ™ 4000 GPU, ensuring that applications and projects run faster , smoothness and stability.

The equipment has optimized quiet cooling and meets the demands of engineers, architects, video makers, filmmakers, 3D animators, AI professionals and many others.

Considering that the monitor is an important part of the equation, Acer offers the ConceptD CP7, with 27 “IPS UHD1 4K screens and color technologies that guarantee a vivid and realistic reproduction. Then, just take advantage of the advantages that an professional video can do for your presence on the networks.

* this article is an offer from Acer.


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