What is a Melon (MLN) Valued 1600% in 8 Months?


Melon (MLN), an Ethereum-based protocol, managed to move its value from around $ 3 earlier this year to $ 50. We have investigated Melon, which has increased its price more than 16 times since January, and its situation in the market for you.

Melon is a protocol built on Ethereum that allows users to manage and invest in digital assets. The purpose of Melon is asset management; He explains it as liberating them from the monopoly of firms and consultants. The developer of the Melon protocol is Avantgarde Finance company.

Melon’s main goal is to create a completely innovative and alternative system. Thanks to MLN’s internet channels, users can easily invest in funds and portfolios initiated by other users. In addition to funds and portfolios, it is possible to invest in projects and formations via Melon. MLN is the crypto currency used to carry out various transactions in the Melon protocol.

MLN Market Status

With the platform, the current market value of MLN, which was launched in the first months of 2017, is approximately $ 54 million. Ranking 168th in the market value ranking, the altcoin has managed to increase its value by 16% in the past 24 hours. MLN is currently traded for just over $ 50 in the markets.

What awaits us in the future with Melon?

Melon protocol has opened its doors to anyone who wants it, but for now, transactions with MLN are limited to a few ERC20 coins. However, the long-term plans of the team behind Melon include managing traditional financial products such as commodities and stocks in a digitalized manner. Thus, the platform will provide users with an area to manage all their investments in the transparent blockchain tab with confidence.

Melon’s purpose is to digitize these assets; when these assets have digitized versions, being in a suitable position for transactions through the platform. Just as; Like Synthetix’s willing to process Tesla and Apple shares in a digitalized way.


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