What is a hacker? Here Are Details


One of the greatest labels ever created in our history has the hacker as its main focus. Usually associated with digital crime, the word means much more than its generalization. Although many hackers have used their knowledge to commit crimes throughout history, the word’s origin refers to another behavior.

What is a hacker?

The expression had its origin in the English word “hack”, which means to cut something roughly or irregularly. In the United States, it was associated with computer programmers, who used tricks and devices to achieve different behavior from the original.

We can say that a hacker is anyone who provides an innovative solution for an existing system. Imagine that someone discovers a different way of writing in Word, or else a new way to access the internet? They can all be considered hackers.

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The first hackers reportedly appeared at the Massachusetts Institute (MIT) in the 1960s. Over time, they have proliferated in different parts of the world. It is worth mentioning that they are currently highly sought after professionals.

How to be a hacker?

Anyone can be a hacker, but having a computer-oriented background can facilitate the process. Professionals in Information Technology, Computer Science and Engineering have a greater facility to become a legitimate hacker.

A specialist in discovering tricks or breaches in systems can work in several areas, such as project engineering, risk management, software development and vulnerability research.

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