What is a clubhouse? How to get a Clubhouse invitation?


Clubhouse, a newly launched social media platform, has attracted great attention around the world for the last few months. Especially the Clubhouse session organized by Elon Musk on Monday morning, February 1, attracted great attention and this room did not accept any other participants due to the density. Therefore, other rooms were opened that broadcast the session indirectly. So what is Clubhouse and how does it actually work? And the most important question is; How to get a Clubhouse invitation? In this article, we give the answers to these questions.

What is a clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a voice-based social media platform that went live in May 2020. In fact, voice chats take place in this virtual environment as in a clubhouse environment. Participants do not see each other or the speakers, only their voices are heard.

Networking and collaboration is one of the most important aspects of implementation.

How does the clubhouse work?

Conversations take place in rooms, which can be public or private. You can come across interesting conversations by wandering between the rooms, or you can also have private conversations between friends you trust in a small group.

These rooms have roles such as moderator, speaker or listener. Listeners can digitally raise their hands to ask the speakers questions.

This makes the Clubhouse a good choice for things like talks and conversations of the type called “fireside chat.” On the other hand, this platform seems very useful as a place where you can only chat with friends.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that conversations will not be recorded. There are also various rules against recording or sharing chats.

In the user instructions of the platform, “You cannot copy, save or otherwise reproduce and / or share the information obtained in the Clubhouse without prior consent.” statement is included. However, the Clubhouse itself records the talks “to support incident investigations”. However, these records are also stored temporarily.

What devices does the Clubhouse run on?

Clubhouse is currently only available for iOS devices. So, all the people you see on the platform are also iPhone or iPad users. However, with this increase in popularity, we anticipate that the Android application will not be delayed. You can download the Clubhouse application from the App Store for free.

How to get a Clubhouse invitation?

Clubhouse is currently working as an invitation. So, if an existing member sends you an invitation, then you can get participation on the platform. Years ago, but years ago, Facebook was accepting members similarly.

If you know someone is in the Clubhouse, experience communicating with them. Or you can request an invitation under the #Clubhouse hashtag on Twitter. Ekşisözlük is also one of the places where you can search for Clubhouse invitations.

Even if you can’t find an invitation, you can start the Clubhouse registration process and reserve your username now. For this, just download the application and complete the registration process. If you later manage to receive an invitation from a friend, acquaintance, or anyone, you will be moved to the top of the waiting list and you will be eligible to enter the Clubhouse.

However, pre-registration may increase the chances of an invitation. Because if you have a friend in the Clubhouse and you have registered a username before, a notification is sent to your friends and they are invited to invite you. Of course, whether this notification comes or not depends on the notification settings on their device.


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