What is a clubhouse? How do I become a member?


The Clubhouse application, which has been very popular recently and internet phenomena flocked to it, draws attention. Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Clubhouse, which brings a new trend to social media, does not allow written and visual sharing.

In this period when people are turning to alternative social media platforms, this social media application, which comes up with a different concept, allows only audio sharing and is currently only available to iPhone owners. In addition, Clubhouse, where not everyone can go and register, works only with the invitation system.

What is Clubhouse, how to register, how to download, when will Android phones start using? As the application becomes popular, the answers to these questions are also being wondered. We researched all the details and prepared the Clubhouse guide?

What is a clubhouse?

Clubhouse stands out as a social media application that only allows audio sharing. Unlike social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it completely eliminates social media activities such as text, visuals, comments and likes, allowing voice sharing only in established chat rooms. In addition, since the application was newly developed, only iPhone users can login in the first place.

How to become a member of the Clubhouse application?

The interesting thing is that in order to register for the Clubhouse application, someone who has used the application before must send you an invitation code. In other words, you cannot register immediately as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms. However, it is possible to register without an invitation code.

Unlike the invitation code, which is the fastest registration method, you can also register with your phone number. However, this time, they pick you up while waiting and you can become a member of the application when it’s your turn.

How to use Clubhouse application?

In fact, the way to use the application is quite simple. This application is used in two different ways as moderator and listener. When you first log in to the application, you are marking specific interests, as in most social media platforms and applications. If you want to use the application as a moderator, you create a room for yourself. In this way, you have all the power and you can control the chat, the people who will join the conversation and the progress of the chat. You can also include people listening to you in your chat by sending an invitation.

If you want to use it as a listener, you can log in to any room you want. Remember, you can only be the listener in the room you enter. If you want to participate in the chat of the speaker, that is, the moderator, you can get permission from the moderator by clicking the raise hand button at the bottom right of the chat room screen.

Will the Clubhouse app come to Android phones?

As we mentioned above, the Clubhouse application is currently only used on iPhone devices. This free voice chat social networking app has become hugely popular lately. For this reason, Android users are most curious about when the Clubhouse application will come to Android devices.

Alpha Exploration, the developer of the application, who made a statement on the subject recently, announced that they started working to bring the application to Android devices. This application, which is announced to be future for Android devices, can be a serious competitor to other social media platforms in case the Android version is released.


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