What If..?: Voice of Chadwick Boseman Will Appear in New Marvel Animation


What If..?: This Monday (2), the portal ComicBook reported that Chadwick Boseman recorded several episodes of the new animated series from Marvel before his passing. The information was revealed by Brad Winderbaum in an interview with the website.

In December, Kevin Feige, Marvel’s head and producer, had already publicly commented that Boseman had made contributions to What If..?. Now Winderbaum, executive producer, confirms the information.

“He is present in four episodes, actually playing different versions of the character. I wouldn’t say things have changed drastically. We wanted to frankly honor your performance and your willingness to be part of the project. In retrospect, he recorded these episodes for us knowing what we all know now. We wanted to honor what he did, so we didn’t change that much,” he said.

Bryan Andrews, director of What If…?, also spoke. He commented on the experience of working with the actor during the voiceovers for the animation.

“It was amazing working with him. Sometimes actors just want to hit the line and move on to the next one. But Chadwick wanted to be part of it as a scene and build it as a play. It was so much fun to do that because we got to read the lines and perform with Chadwick Boseman,” he commented.

What If..?: Learn more about Marvel’s new animated series

What If..? is the new animated anthology series from Marvel Studios. The plot will re-imagine famous events from the MCU films in unexpected ways, exploring what would happen to the story if they happened differently.

The series was announced in April 2019 and its animation is provided by Squeeze, Flying Bark Productions and Blue Spirit studios. Season 1 will feature 10 episodes, the first of which will debut on Disney+ on August 11th — the rest will be released every Wednesday, with the final episode being made available on October 13th.

The production will feature the main characters from the Marvel movies, such as Peggy Carter, T’Challa, Doctor Strange, Erik Killmonger, Thor and others.

Stay tuned and don’t miss any news about What If..? and other series!


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