What if Trump doesn’t leave office?


Joe Biden, who surpassed the Republican candidate Donald Trump, on the basis of both the number of electoral delegates and the total vote, will take an oath to the White House on January 20. But what will happen if Trump, who says that he is cheating at every opportunity and that he will continue his struggle, does not leave the White House? Here are the scenarios …

As the elections, which the whole world followed with great curiosity, were coming to an end, a new debate started in the USA … The scenarios to be experienced in case Donald Trump, who frequently stated that fraud and irregularities were involved in the elections, did not want to leave his post and did not leave the White House became the new agenda item of the international public opinion.

While it has been stated that a similar situation has never happened in the history of the USA, when it comes to Trump, one of the most polarizing and contradictory presidents in the history of the country, the possibility of this scenario came before the American public. Trump, who frequently stated that he received more than 71 million votes in the elections and said that he was fraudulent in the elections, is likely to be disgraced if he does not leave his position in the White House.

Trump will be fired if he does not hand over his seat to Joe Biden, who will take an oath at the White House on January 20, 2021. The Secret Service, which was tasked with protecting Trump and his relatives for a while, will take Trump out of the White House with an escort. A former official involved in the process that Barack Obama handed over to Trump listed possible scenarios for Newsweek. “The Secret Service will take him away from the White House,” said the official who did not reveal his name. “They will probably interfere with him as they would treat an ordinary old man who has entered the White House.”


Former Intelligence and Anti-Terrorism Expert Malcolm Nance, who stated that Trump’s participation in the event during the handover ceremony will not actually have an effect, “The system works independently in this process. Decisions are made for Trump whether he is there or not, ”commented.

“If Trump doesn’t want to physically leave the White House, they physically fire him,” Nance said. “They’ll get him out of the crotch, if he hasn’t arranged a plane for his destination, they can ask him to buy a ticket for his flight.”

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If Trump does not take over, he will also have all his privileges, as he officially did not take office in January. Trump, who will lose his rights in the White House and his special armored limousine named Beast (Eng. Monster), the special presidential plane named Air Force 1, will not find support for him.

Because Trump will lose his position as chief of general staff, he will not be able to speak to the Pentagon and the US army will not be able to stand against Biden. Although such a scenario has never been on the agenda in US history, experts predict that if Trump fails to leave, the Secret Service rather than the military will take over the situation.


In August, Chief of General Staff General Mark Milley announced to Congress that they would take an apolitical stance during the election process and said “they will follow a peaceful transition process as required by the Constitution”.

Joe Biden also attended a program in August, saying, “I promise you, I am convinced that the security forces will escort him away from the White House.”


While the uncertainty and confusion continued in the US after the vote, the Washington Post, one of the country’s widely read newspapers, wrote that Trump’s General Services Management Manager Emily Murphy prevented Biden’s transition process.

The newspaper reminded that Murphy, who is in a position that is not normally noticed, normally deals with paper and document business, approves millions of dollars of budgets and directs how taxpayers’ money is spent, the Washington Post wrote that this name interrupted the transition process of Biden.

It turned out that Murphy has not yet prepared the document that officially allows Biden’s team to manage the transition process to work this week. The Washington Post stated that, 36 hours after the election process became clear, Murphy did not prepare the letter, and commented, “Failure to sign this document will be recorded as the first delay in modern times, except for the repeat of the Florida census in 2000”.


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