What if Tom Selleck had played Indiana Jones?


If Tom Selleck had played Indiana Jones as originally intended, his career, like Harrison Ford’s, would have turned out very differently. In 1981, in the movie “In Search of the Lost Ark”, the character of Indiana Jones was introduced to the world, which marked the beginning of an extremely successful and beloved franchise. Brought to life by Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones quickly became iconic thanks to his whip, fedora and fraudulent charm. However, the character’s original plan was for Tom Selleck to play an adventurer archaeologist.

When the casting for “In Search of the Lost Ark” began, Steven Spielberg suggested Ford for the lead role. It was George Lucas who initially resisted the idea, followed by an intense casting process, and rising star Tom Selleck eventually landed the role of Indiana Jones. However, Selleck was already tied to the lead role in Magnum, P.I., and CBS refused to release him from his contract, forcing him to give up the role in In Search of the Lost Ark.

If Selleck had been Indiana Jones in “In Search of the Lost Ark,” his career would almost certainly have turned out very differently. Moreover, the absence of Jones’ role would also have a significant impact on Harrison Ford’s career, as well as on the many ways in which a change of actors could change the Indiana Jones franchise. The differences between the two actors would undoubtedly lead to minor but important changes in the characterization of Indiana Jones, since Selleck’s version of the archaeologist differs from Ford’s version.

What could be another Indiana Jones performed by Selleck

Although both actors are known for their rough looks, the overall image of Selleck differs from that of Ford, which would probably lead to changes in the character of Indiana Jones. Even from the first appearance of the character in “In Search of the Lost Ark”, Harrison Ford improvised lines and moments that contributed to the creation of the image of Indiana Jones. Therefore, if Selleck had played this role, the character would have developed differently, either closer in accordance with the plans of Lucas and Spielberg, or perhaps with a translucent shade of Selleck’s own personality.

Tom Selleck is clearly less of a fraudster than Harrison Ford, with a much clearer and more conservative image. Selleck’s version of Indiana Jones would probably have been a more traditional hero, charming and idealistic, with less of the wit that Ford brought to the table. This version of Jones may not have been as popular either, as Jones’ wanton charm is one of his most beloved qualities, and it wouldn’t be as convincing if it came from Tom Selleck.

What would Harrison Ford’s career look like without Indiana Jones

Since Indiana Jones is just one of Harrison Ford’s many iconic roles, it might seem that he would have succeeded in Hollywood, regardless of his role in the franchise. Of course, this may not be entirely true due to the specifics of the role and the critical period in Ford’s career in which she came. For context, it’s important to note that at the time of his casting in 1980, Ford’s only other major role was as Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise alongside Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, and to better understand how Indiana Jones shaped Ford’s career. , it is interesting to note the career of his colleagues in “Star Wars”.

Neither Hamill nor Fisher got another major role in the franchise after Star Wars, and each of them became so associated with this role that type substitution became a problem — in fact, Mark Hamill eventually switched to voice acting roles to distance himself from his role in Star Wars. If Harrison Ford hadn’t been involved in “In Search of the Lost Ark,” a franchise far removed from the sci—fi success of “Star Wars,” he might also have been too involved with Solo to ever really get another important role. However, shortly after the role in the action movie “Raiders” Ford got the lead role in “Blade Runner”. The noir story of this film opened many other doors for Ford in several action films of the 80s, 90s and 00s, none of which would have been possible without the role of Indiana Jones.

Tom Selleck’s career would have been very different

Of course, playing Indiana Jones would also have an incredible impact on Selleck’s career. Although Tom Selleck has underrated films in his back catalogue, he has never reached the top of Hollywood in the way he once seemed destined to. Since it seemed at the time that Selleck had to choose between starring in “In Search of the Lost Ark” or “Magnum, Private Investigator,” it is possible that Selleck as Jones would have prevented him from ever playing a detective, which turned out to be his most iconic role.

Assuming Selleck’s Indiana Jones would have been as popular as Ford, “In Search of the Lost Ark” would have been a huge boost to his career.


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