What If ?: Marvel Announces Month of Animated Series Premiere on Disney +


What If ?: Recently, Marvel announced that What If…?, Its new animated series, will be released in August this year on Disney +. The information was initially released by Entertainment Weekly.

The series consists of an adaptation of the homonymous comics, which presents, in an anthology format, several stories set in an alternative universe, in which the characters and familiar aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are drastically altered.

For example, one of the episodes will focus on Peggy Carter winning the infamous super soldier serum in place of Steve Rogers, making her Captain Britain. The Black Panther (voiced by Chadwick Boseman) will appear replacing Peter Quill as a space pirate.

Other characters already known to the public such as Iron Man and Doctor Strange will also be in production.

Learn more about What If…?, Marvel’s new animated series for Disney +

It is not yet known exactly what the official day of the launch of What If …? at Disney +. However, there is some interesting information about the production that has been made public in recent weeks.

It is the case of the probable participation of Thor in one of the most absurd plots ever told about superheroes. In this sense, in addition to being told in animation, the series will also arouse curiosity about what comes next, especially because the episodes should be distributed weekly.

Created by AC Bradley and directed by Bryan Andrews, the voice acting cast includes Jeffrey Wright, Samuel L. Jackson, Hayley Atwell, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Rooker, Chris Hemsworth, Dominic Cooper, Jeremy Renner and more.

Marvel has also released the first images of the series through a teaser in December 2020, in which some of the characters appear in new outfits.

It is worth remembering that even before What If…? arriving, Loki will be Marvel’s next Disney + release, with its first episode available on June 9, a Wednesday.

So don’t miss it! Let’s stay tuned and wait for more news!


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