What if Dave returns in the third episode of the series?


At The Umbrella Academy, Klaus is haunted by the death of Dave (Cody Ray Thompson) and it’s something he carries with him throughout Season 2. After all, Klaus (Robert Sheshaan) doesn’t expect to have witnessed his lover die in your arms.

The Umbrella Academy’s Hargreeves arrive in the current timeline to discover that their dead brother Ben (Justin H. Min) and father Reginald Hargreeves are alive suddenly means that everyone’s fate could now be different. This includes Dave.

It is possible that enlisting for the Vietnam War earlier than expected means that Dave somehow survived and lived a full life. With an alternate timeline, anything is possible.

The chances of Klaus meeting Dave are higher than they were previously due to the alternate state of events. Of course, if Dave is still alive, it means that he is five decades older than Klaus remembers.

While The Umbrella Academy season 3 probably won’t feature an epic romance between them with a potentially huge age gap, being able to see that Dave has lived a full life could be good for Klaus Hargreeves.

Perhaps the former lovers will reunite in the present and Klaus can finally be completely honest with Dave about everything that has happened at The Umbrella Academy.

The fact that Dave is potentially alive could also genuinely develop his relationship with Klaus. The couple spent a bit more time together in season 2 than they did in season 1, but it still didn’t seem like enough.

Without the hurdles of enlisting or going to war, Klaus and Dave can sit back, be present, and have a conversation in The Umbrella Academy season 3, hopefully one that can offer some kind of closure for Klaus.


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