What if Ash Ketchum had won the Pokemon League earlier?


If Ash Ketchum had won the Pokemon League earlier in the series, the Pokemon anime could have been very different from what viewers know today. Ash Ketchum, as you know, won his first real championship when he won the Alola Pokemon League in the seventh iteration of the Pokemon anime, Pokémon Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends. After this historic victory, Ash is now proving to the Pokemon world how strong a trainer he can be by taking part in the World Coronation Series in the latest version of the Pokémon Master Journeys anime.

Although Ash has been 10 years old since the first anime premiere in 1997, the last few generations of the series have given him a chance to prove his character as a coach and his development as a character. His teams have become stronger and more diverse, his bond with his Pokemon is stronger than ever, and his love for Pokemon in general has never wavered. Although one sometimes wonders if Ash should still be a regular anime protagonist, he is still developing as a character, and there is no denying that his ascent through the ranks in the World Coronation Series has been a pleasure.

Ash’s victory in the Alola League was well deserved, but there was another moment in the anime when it seemed that he could finally fulfill one of his long-standing dreams. In the sixth generation of the show, Pokémon XY and XYZ, Ash takes part in the Kalos League and takes second place, losing in a tense and close match to friendly rival Alain. Although it is still possible to doubt whether Mega Charizard could have actually defeated almost Mega Greninja, there is no denying that the match between Allen and Ash was one of the most memorable in the entire series. It also raises an interesting question: what would the anime look like now if Ash had won the Kalos League instead of losing?

Ash Ketchum could become the champion of the region

The Alola League that Ash won was the very first of its kind. Other regional Pokemon leagues are divided into two parts: the Pokemon League Conference and the Champions League. If the coach wins the Pokemon League conference, he gets the right to enter the Champions League of the same region, where he must defeat all members of the Elite Four to challenge the champion. If this trainer defeats the current champion, he himself becomes the new Pokemon champion in the region.

Since the Alola League Ash participated in was the League’s first annual Conference, there was neither an Elite Four to compete with nor a regional Champion to beat (this anime is different from the games where the island Kahuna acted as the Elite Four). , and Kikei acted as the Champion). Although Ash’s victory in the anime Pokemon “League of Alola” gave him a chance to fight Professor Kikei in his role as the Royal Mask in an exciting exhibition match, the stakes were far from as impressive as they could be in another region.

However, if Ash had won the Kalos League, his story could have turned out very differently. If Ash had defeated Alain, he would have been given the opportunity to challenge the Elite Four and possibly even the champion of Kalos, Diantha. Ash’s Kalos team is one of the strongest teams he has ever had, and he could have trained more before fighting in the Champions League. Coach Ash’s path to the Champions League could provide enough storytelling opportunities to fill an entire season—and who knows? Dayanta is not considered the strongest of all regional champions (this honor is usually awarded to Cynthia from the Sinno region), so it’s not hard to believe that Ash could have defeated Dayanta with enough preparation.

This would make him the champion of the Kalos region and bring him one step closer to his dream of becoming a Pokemon master. Whether Ash would have stayed in Kalos to fulfill his duties as a Champion is a completely different question. Ash likes to travel to different regions and discover new Pokemon, especially at a young age. But who said he should stay forever young?

Ash Ketchum has finally grown up

If Ash won the Kalos League in the anime and then continued his career by entering the Champions League, it would be a great opportunity for Ash to finally start aging properly and start gradually abandoning him as the current protagonist of the anime. Then, as in the case of Pokémon Master Journeys, he can return as a recurring character in the show, now a full-fledged champion and contender to participate in the Coronation World Series or something like that. Seeing Ash fully grow up and live the life he’s always dreamed of would be a great way to complete the arch of Ash’s character and allow the series to introduce a new format and protagonist earlier.