What historical events will we see in the new season?


As season 4 concludes, so does Olivia Colman’s time on The Crown as Queen Elizabeth II. With the changing of the guard (filming) scheduled to begin in 2021, we will see what events are coming to the new season of the Netflix series.

The 1990s were possibly one of the most challenging years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. In particular, the Queen has lamented that 1992 was her “annus horribilis” (horrible year), which was rocked by royal scandals and political discord.

In 1992, three of Queen Elizabeth’s four children separated or divorced from their partners. The most famous was the separation of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Public opinion towards the royal family had a great impact in the decade, paving the way for a rise in republicanism among part of the population. Much of the discord between Queen Elizabeth and her subjects was not directed directly at her, and more at the behaviors of extended family members.

In 1997, one of the most controversial events in British history took place in Paris, when Diana died in a car accident. In response, the Queen and the Duke protected Princes William and Harry from attack by the press, which in turn caused public opinion to waver, when in the eyes of the public, the Queen had not referred to the death of his ex-daughter-in-law.

Historical events that we will probably see in season 5 of The Crown:

Divorce of Prince Andrew
Divorce from Princess Anne
Windsor Castle Fire
The separation / divorce of Prince Charles and Lady Diana
The Queen sues The Sun newspaper
The death of Princess Diana
Tony Blair becomes Prime Minister

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