What has Jungkook learned as the Golden Maknae?


Jungkook is the smallest member of BTS, the K-pop singer has learned a lot from his bandmates. The Golden Maknae began his career as a K-pop idol from a very young age, the singer received many offers to be part of large agencies, but the boy born on September 1, 1997 decided on Big Hit Entertainment.

The boys of BTS are one of the most famous K-pop bands in the world, achieving great records, positioning themselves as one of the representatives of the music of several generations, but their chemistry goes beyond the stage, as the interpreters of ‘Boy With Love ‘are like a family that supports and loves each other.

Jungkook is shortly after turning another year of life, the idol has shown that, despite being the baby of the band, he is a mature person who has lived many enriching experiences for his life. Owww.

To start with the celebrations for Jungkook’s birthday, this time we present how the boys of BTS have influenced the life of the artist and everything that the boy from the city of Mandeok Dong in Busan, South Korea has learned from his colleagues as well as unforgettable moments that will make you remember why the Golden Maknae is so beloved.

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Kim Namjoon is a great inspiration for Jungkook, because in addition to being the leader of BTS, he is a friend who has taught him many things about music, RM’s personality completely captured the Golden Maknae.

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Jin is the oldest member of the Bangtan Boys and has always pushed Jungkook forward.

Jungkook in 2014 said that many times he wanted to give up and return to Busan to continue with his normal life, so the one who convinced him in hard times was Jin, who sees him as his younger brother.


The BTS rapper is usually very friendly with Jungkook and on different occasions it has been seen how the idol gives him advice, talks about life and even food, as masters share their love for lamb skewers, so much so that they have a plan to open a restaurant.


Jungkook feels very comfortable next to Hoseok, in addition to sharing his love for dancing, both are quite affectionate, they hug and their interactions are very cute, because they are not afraid to lean in front of the cameras.


Jimin is a very nice and tender person, so Jungkook has learned from his partner’s patience, there is a very strong connection between them and they see each other as brothers, they can trust each other.


Jungkook and Taehyung are very close, BTS’s maknae has called V the most handsome boy in the world, follows him wherever he goes and they have learned from each other, so much that when they have free time they like to hang out together.


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