What Happens When A Black Hole Is Entered?


Black holes are one of the subjects that get deeper and more complex as we investigate. There are some theories about black holes, with the help of science fiction movies, that are still quite mysterious even for the scientific world. So what happens when a black hole is entered? It’s quite interesting what happens when you approach or enter a black hole.

When the first black hole photograph in history was published last year, humanity’s journey to understanding space gained even more meaning. However, this image was not as impressive as many people thought it was. The cosmic body, called a black hole, contains much greater mysteries than we can see in a photograph, and the subject became more and more interesting with each new research.

In Christopher Nolan’s 2014 film Interstellar, our character enters a black hole and does not experience any major events other than time slows down. Sure, since this is a movie, you can’t suddenly destroy the lead role, but when you really get into a black hole, you’re much more likely to see the cosmic universe as the real protagonist. We analyzed the answer to the question of what happens when a black hole is entered in the light of the article published on the Business Insider website.

Absolute extinction:

Even if it looks like a spoiler that misses excitement, I have to say that; A human will die when he enters or even approaches a black hole. But this death is bigger than we think. For, there will be no trace of itself or atomic particles behind it.

According to scientists, there are about 100 million black holes in our galaxy. All these black holes have different sizes. The most striking at this point; The smaller a black hole, the more fatal is the finding. This detail shows us a situation that is very different from the judgments we have been accustomed to.

The reason why tiny black holes are so dangerous is because their distance between the orbit and the event horizon is small. The event horizon, that dark spot that gives the black hole its name, creates absolute gravity, and this propagating gravitational effect decreases as you move away from the event horizon. In a small black hole, on the other hand, there is not a large enough area for the gravity to decrease.

How are the situations in the closest black hole to Earth?

There is indeed a black hole that is close enough to our planet that we can one day get into it, and it’s called V4641 Sgr. If you succeed, you can reach the closest black hole to us by traveling from Earth to the constellation Sagittarius from 600 to 24 thousand light years.

The biggest reason why such a wide frame of distance is drawn is that black holes cannot be seen with naked eyes. So there is a force there, but the only reason we can see it is because of other cosmic objects that it collects around by gravity. It’s like turning to a wall in a cave and seeing the shadow of the people at its entrance, understanding that there is someone there … You have no direct evidence, but thanks to its effect (ie its shadow) you are sure of its existence. This makes it very difficult to find both the black hole and the distance.

Small but powerful black holes:

It is not known whether it is luck or bad luck, but the closest black hole to our Earth, V4641 Sgr, is a small, dangerous black hole. Its mass is about three times greater than the Sun we know. However, such a dense mass is squeezed into a narrow space of about 6.5 kilometers.

The reason small black holes are so powerful; each mass has a specific gravitational force. A certain gravitational force spread over a very large area can sometimes be invisible. But intense gravity in a narrow space is truly deadly.

Moreover, this fatality is true not only for humans but also for the entire universe. The intense gravitational force of a small black hole is strong enough to attract all the objects, planets and even light around it.

We can approach large black holes more easily:

It is thought to be another black hole that is far from us and just as big as the small black hole V4641 Sgr, which is close to our world and just as dangerous. This huge black hole is 4.3 million times larger than the Sun and is about 25 thousand light years from us.

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This image, which is scary to even think about, is actually not dangerous at all. Because the gravitational center is very wide, the gravitational power decreases. Therefore, just like the Moon and the Earth, a balanced relationship emerges between that black hole and other objects around it.

If one day humanity can travel such great distances in space, we can easily approach the big black hole in question. Of course, it will be the same when you are inside. However, the gravitational force of the objects will not be as intense, except for some bending of light

Unique light games of black hole:

But isn’t there anything good about these black holes? Of course there is; The light games that you will see inside the black hole before you die can offer an incredible visual feast. As an example from everyday life, these light games are often compared to psychedelic background images that appear when playing music in Windows Media Player.

The reason for psychedelic light games is the gravitational force black holes have, as we mentioned earlier. Thanks to their intense gravitational power, black holes, which can even attract light, do not absorb the light they attract. Therefore, the beam of light bends, bends, and reaches exciting appearances until it moves from the orbit of the black hole to the event horizon where it will disappear.

Black hole pasta: “Spagettification”

You may have seen how master chefs in the Far East Asia region prepare a spaghetti-type pasta-like dish called “noodles” by hand. A big ball of dough turns into thin pasta as a result of long efforts and effort. A black hole does exactly that to the objects around it.

The gravitational force of black holes does not absorb whatever is or not at once. Just like a cook converts dough into pasta, it slowly stretches the object that enters its orbit and turns it into a spaghetti. This slow gravity force applied by the black hole to light and other objects is called “spagettification” by scientists.

CONCLUSION: What happens when a black hole is entered?

We have told you that when you enter a black hole, you will die directly and you will disappear without a trace. The cause of death is not to get lost in the black hole, but to become spaghetti.

Especially when you think that when you enter a small black hole with intense gravity, you will enter with your head in front and your feet behind, the gravitational power of the black hole begins to stretch you. Gradually, the shape we know is distorted, you are subjected to the gravitational force of the black hole until you turn into a spaghetti, and eventually you break up into your atoms and disappear within the event horizon.

Another question mark about this form of death that we do not wish anyone to live with; slow or fast … Time is known to slow down as you approach a black hole. Although the person close to the black hole does not notice, for example, time passes faster for a person on Earth. For someone watching you from Earth, this death will certainly seem slow. But for you, it will happen in a short time that we cannot possibly measure. As you suddenly turn into spaghetti, maybe hundreds of years will pass on Earth.

What’s after the black hole?

Well, this is a complete mystery. According to scientists, the laws of physics we know do not apply to post-black holes. So, what happens after you spagettize into your atoms and disappear into the black hole is not a known fact.

Research is being done on the subject, even small-diameter black holes are created in laboratories, but no definitive result has been obtained. Because humanity only knows this universe. At the moment it seems impossible to know what happened to an object that came out of the universe we know with a black hole.

The black hole subject, which excites science fiction fans as well as the science world, still remains a mystery despite all the research. Black holes, the deadliest cosmic objects of the universe as we know them, will continue to create excitement as long as they remain a mystery.


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