What Happens to XRP If Ripple Eliminates?


Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has made new statements about whether XRP is a security. Garlinghouse said XRP transactions on exchanges will not stop even if the company is completely eliminated.

Ripple’s CEO was a guest on the Axios show on HBO. Garlinghouse, one of the names targeted by the SEC in the XRP case, stated that this case was harmful in many ways.

XRP, the seventh largest cryptocurrency, is trading at $ 0.46130 against USDT.

XRP trading on exchanges will not stop

Investors can have a share in a company by purchasing securities. Brad Garlinghouse pointed out that XRP has been traded on exchanges for eight years, and that anyone who buys XRP is not considered to have a share of Ripple.

Emphasizing the independence of XRP from Ripple, Garlinghouse said, “XRP trading will not stop even if Ripple disappears.” said.

It harms the industry in the USA

Garlinghouse believes that the SEC’s stance towards XRP as a security is detrimental to the cryptocurrency industry in the country. Giving examples of the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland and Singapore, “The USA is the only country in the world to claim that XRP is a security.” said.

It was reported that the entrepreneurs in the USA immigrated to different countries due to legal uncertainties. Stating that crypto money technology can form the “infrastructure of the payment networks of the future”, Garlinghouse said, “We should pay attention to which countries control these technologies.” said.


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