What happens to the lungs where the corona is infected?


A new study was conducted for coronavirus lung damage. COVID-19, which changes the human cell within hours, really has dangerous consequences. Here is the new work of the experts:

Many side effects are seen in people infected with coronavirus. Although the people have survived the virus, there is still damage to the lungs. Experts, who previously revealed the damage of the virus to the lungs with tomography images, now reveal how the virus affects the first hours after it infects the lungs.

Coronavirus causes lung damage

The news in MedicalXpress reveals how coronavirus damages lung cells in just a few hours. It is stated that artificial intelligence and health technologies will be an important step in the detection and improvement of coronavirus, and studies are ongoing.

Scientists from Boston University and the National New Infectious Diseases Laboratory have proven that COVID-19 damages tissues in the lung within hours. Accordingly, in the experiments, artificial cells very similar to human lung cells were used.

In the experiment, it was seen that the pathogen started to damage the tissues approximately one hour after reaching the lung. The dangerous aspect of the virus, which managed to cause havoc in such a short time, has once again emerged.

Andrew Emili from the research team made a statement on the subject. He says that the most striking aspect of the research is that the virus affects several molecular pathways. The coronavirus is destroying lung cells.

In this context, the virus completely restructures the lung cells, according to Emili. It turns out that the virus not only rebuilds but also alters metabolic processes in cells within 3-6 hours and even damages nuclear membranes.


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