What happens to the forces of Umbrella Academy at the end of season 3?


Attention! Ahead of the spoilers of the third season of The Umbrella Academy.

Why did the Hargreaves Siblings’ Powers Disappear in the Final Moments of Season 3¬†Umbrella Academy? As the well-known story goes, 43 women (16 on the Sparrow timeline) spontaneously gave birth on October 1, 1989, and each of the resulting children possessed superhuman abilities, such as time travel, superpower or the gift of repeatedly receiving blows. on the face. The 3rd season of Umbrella Academy confirmed what many viewers had already suspected: Sir Reginald Hargreaves’ mysterious can of lights was responsible for creating these superpowered children.

The latest issue of Netflix’s Umbrella Academy ends with the Umbrella children, accompanied by their surviving colleagues from Sparrow, Ben and Sloan, going to Oblivion. Secretly working in alliance with Allison, Sir Reginald manipulates his children to activate the universal reset machine hidden inside, and when the process is completed, the world of Umbrella Academy looks completely different. Reginald’s wife, Abigail, is now alive, and Hargreeves Enterprises has apparently become a global superpower. Any injuries sustained by the Umbrella and Sparrow Academies heal, but as a result of another radical change, the Hargreaves siblings no longer possess superpowers…

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Luther is resurrected (without his primate parts), hand Number five is restored, and Diego’s missing fingers grow back. On the other hand, the Fifth can’t teleport, Diego can’t control his knives, and Klaus can’t “ghost alakazam”. It is safe to assume that everyone else is equally powerless, but how did this parody happen?

Why do the brothers and sisters from Umbrella Academy lose their powers at the end of Season 3

The heroes of Umbrella and Sparrow not only still exist in the reset universe of season 3, but also retain their original memories. This proves that their lack of authority was not caused by rewriting history. If that were the case, the Umbrellas would have lost their powers in the Umbrella Academy Sparrow timeline as well.

There remain two potential reasons why the Hargreaves siblings may be powerless in the finale of the third season of Umbrella Academy. One possibility is that Reginald intentionally deleted his children’s gifts, rebooting the universe. Since Abigail is alive and Hargreeves Enterprises is the dominant industrial force, we can assume that Umbrella Academy’s Oblivion machine gave Sir Reginald full license to recreate the universe. The liberation of Umbrellas and Sparrows from their superpowers is undoubtedly part of this sphere of influence here. Reginald may have foreseen that his children would try to restore the universe to factory settings, so their utter impotence ensures that they will not be able to return to Oblivion and undo his hard work. Luther’s resurrection and healing of all wounds may have been Sir Reginald encouraging his children to embrace this new universe and continue to live their lives rather than fight against him.

Or maybe the Oblivion machine from the third season of The Umbrella Academy is to blame. According to Sir Reginald, this powerful reset button is powered by the same luminous particles that inhabit his children. He tricks them into charging the car, and Umbrella Academy clearly shows these mysterious particles flying out of their bodies. Allison intervenes before someone dies, but the reset button still works… Maybe the activation of the machine burned the alien fireflies that gave the Hargreaves heroes their superpowers, leaving them painfully ordinary.

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However, a glimmer of hope remains. The post-credits sequence of the third season of Umbrella Academy shows a version of Ben Hargreaves riding a subway train in Seoul. While this quirk of reality remains unexplained, at least some of the 43 children may still have been born in Sir Reginald’s new universe and may still have their powers. We know from Victor and Harlan that glowing particles can be transferred between bodies, so as long as someone has abilities in Season 4 of Umbrella Academy, Umbrellas and Sparrows can recover their missing abilities.