What happens to Patrick and Thais after the 90-day season of “The Bride”? (Spoilers)


Thais Ramon and Patrick Mendes are currently facing uncertainty in season 9 of “The 90-day Groom,” but many viewers think they have the answer to the couple’s story. As the latest episodes of the popular TLC show wrap up a lackluster season, many fans are eager to jump to Tell-All and find out which couples are still together. Patrick and Thais, it seems, not only got married after the end of the season, but they can also share potentially important news.

Patrick and Thais met on a dating app when the American was in Brazil. Soon Patrick fell deeply in love with the Brazilian beauty and visited her many times before finally proposing to her. Thais then joined Patrick and his brother John in Austin on a K-1 visa, although the trio soon moved to Dallas. Thais and John still didn’t get along well, which somewhat spoiled the relationship between Patrick and Thais. However, their biggest problem is the uncertainty that Thais faces in connection with the upcoming marriage, especially given that her beloved father does not approve of Patrick or their plans to get married.

According to Starcasm, the status of Thais and Patrick from season 9 of the 90-day groom has already been spoiled. The website revealed that the couple were allegedly still together on Tell-All, which almost certainly means they tied the knot. However, these were not the only important news about the couple, as there are also assumptions about pregnancy. Emily Biberli has already been shown on 90 Day Fiancé to be pregnant with her second child, while Season 9 cast member Kara Bass is also supposedly pregnant. However, Thais is the third woman from season 9 who is believed to be currently pregnant. Many fans of 90 Day Fiancé have scoured her social media for clues, although they have found conflicting signs that she may be either pregnant or pregnant.

Whether Thais and Patrick are expecting their first child, most likely, will not be known until Public viewing. However, it is almost certain that the young couple is still together. The couple recently enjoyed a walk with their season 9 couple, Miona and Jibri Bell, who are widely believed to have also married. Thais and Miona seem to be loyal friends, while both ladies also enjoy TLC’s attention. Currently, Thais identifies herself on Instagram as Patrick’s fiancee. However, many viewers simply believe that she cannot confirm her contract marriage until “Tell-All” airs. However, she wants to make it clear that she is still with Patrick.

In general, it is quite obvious that Thais and Patrick are tired of the union. Although Patrick was not accepted by Thais’ father, and he was also annoyed by her spending habits, Patrick and Thais brought very little drama to season 9. In fact, some viewers thought that the duo created some problems just to have a storyline, as they don’t seem to have any serious problems. Although Thais gives the impression of being wayward, many fans of the franchise like that Patrick is a rare American actor in the 90—day Fiance franchise who actually speaks the same language as his partner. However, many viewers do not expect to see Patrick and Thais in the new content due to their overall boring storyline.


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