What happens to LG phones after the division closes?


LG announced on Monday (5) that it will end the cellphone division in July 2021. The information left users of the brand in doubt about what will happen with the devices that are available on the market.

The South Korean company has assured that the current stock of smartphones will continue to sell until they run out. She also stated that she will continue to support the devices, as well as selected models may receive Android 12 in future updates.

Some publications point out that service support and software updates will vary by region. To this end, LG will have the collaboration of suppliers and business partners after the closure of the mobile division.

Regarding technical assistance, the brand will provide replacement parts until the end of the limited warranty period or the end of the period required by law in certain countries. That way, certain items may continue to be available longer in some markets.

This is good news for the owners of the latest phones released by the manufacturer. Thus, high-end devices such as LG Wing and LG Velvet and intermediaries LG K52, K62 and K62 + will still receive technical support for years to come.

Future of LG

Although it is closing the mobile phone division, LG will use its experience to create technologies related to mobility. The brand is already working on the development of 6G networks, increasing its competitiveness in certain sectors.

In a statement, the manufacturer also revealed that it will start to dedicate itself to other technological segments. Among them, components for electric cars, IoT connected gadgets, smart homes and other artificial intelligence projects.


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