What happens to Jibri and Miona after the 90-day season of “The Bride”? (Spoilers)



Miona and Jibri Bell may be thinking about getting married in season 9 of “The 90-day Groom,” but many viewers believe that they have already got married. Jibri and Miona were accused of getting married before the season aired, as the couple had been sharing the same last name on Instagram for several months. Nevertheless, several viewers of the series “90-day groom” are interested to know what Jibri and Miona were doing, and whether something in their storyline in season 9 was real.

Miona was presented as a person who was spoiled and determined to move to a major city like Los Angeles or New York to become rich and famous. . Her eccentric musician partner Jibri was much more realistic about money, as he moved in with his parents to save up for their life together. Miona quickly fell out with Jibri’s conservative mother, while the Serbian native also made it clear that she did not like Jibri’s life in Rapid City, South Dakota. Meanwhile, Jibri’s friends and family have expressed concern that Myona’s demand is killing his spirit and preventing him from fulfilling his dreams. This eventually made Jibri think about his plans to marry Mion.

Starcasm allegedly ruined the status of Jibri’s 90-day fiance and Miona’s relationship. Rumor has it that, like all of their colleagues in the ninth season, Miona and Jibri were together at the reunion. However, Miona is a rare season 9 star who is not covered by pregnancy rumors. Emily Biberli has given birth to her second child with her partner Kobi Blaze, while many fans believe that Kara Bass and Tais Ramon are also pregnant with their partners. Meanwhile, Ariela Weinberg did a pregnancy test in the series; however, she found out that she was not expecting. However, Miona doesn’t seem to have any childhood plans on the horizon as she is focused on making her dreams of influencers come true. According to social media, that’s exactly what she and Jibri are doing.

In season 9 of the TV series “90 Days of the groom”, Miona declared her need for a rich and exciting life, despite the fact that Jibri reminded her of their financial problems. However, Miona seems to have found her dream life when the couple moved to California. Miona calls herself a makeup artist from Palm Springs on the Internet. She also enjoys traveling with her rumored husband, as the couple recently visited Chicago, possibly for the sake of Jibri’s music. Miona and Jibri seem to lean heavily towards the lifestyle of influencers and plan to share a lot of content while the season is still airing. Miona also launches her cosmetics line and starts with makeup brushes.

While Miona and Jibri are doing their best to capitalize on their 90-day fiance fame, many viewers believe they represent everything that’s wrong with the franchise. Fans want fresh, exciting and authentic images of international romance. However, instead, Miona and Jibri revealed a seemingly scripted storyline full of fake drama that they used to become influential people. Meanwhile, Miona has received a lot of negative reaction from fans for fishing on the Internet. For these reasons, many fans of 90 Day FiancĂ© hope that the couple will no longer appear in other shows in the franchise.


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