What happens to James Rice after the Terminal List

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first season of “Terminal List”.
The first season of “Terminal List” leaves a lot of unanswered questions for James Rees, who continues his journey through the pages of Jack Carr novels. Chris Pratt plays James Rees in the Amazon Prime Video series, which also stars Taylor Kitsch, Constance Wu, Jai Courtney, Jeanne Tripplehorn and J.D. Pardo. “Terminal List” adapts the first novel by author Jack Carr from the James Rice saga “Terminal List”, which currently has four sequel books featuring the main character.
Initially, Carr created his main character in the likeness of Pratt, not knowing that the actor would eventually play James Rees in the TV series “Terminal List”. Director Antoine Fuqua and showrunner Dan DiGilio have brought to life an 8-episode first season for Prime Video that highlights the events of the book, leaving Rhys in a dubious state by the end. After his SEAL team and his family are killed and Rhys is diagnosed with a brain tumor, Rhys embarks on a revenge mission to kill all the culprits. This leaves him branded a domestic terrorist who fled the country with a suspected incurable disease.
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In the finale of the first season of “Terminal List”, Rhys plots a course to Mozambique, but no reasons are given for this choice, and no decision is mentioned regarding the condition of his brain tumor. In Carr’s second novel, True Believer, it is revealed that Rhys’ friend and former Navy Seal teammate has a family in Mozambique who takes him in when he arrives, helping to hide him from the U.S. government. However, Rhys is eventually found, and the CIA hires him to help destroy an international terrorist, given a deal that forgives his crimes on the “Terminal List”. It also turned out that his brain tumor was operable, which he eventually decided to take care of before continuing his journey as a kind of special agent, constantly struggling with his sense of duty and loyalty to his country and his friends.
Why is James Rees going to Mozambique at the end of the terminal list
The character briefly mentioned in “The Final List” is Rife Hastings, who supplies Rhys with a boat, weapons and supplies for his infiltration of Secretary Hartley’s Island in the finale of the first season of “The Final List”. Rafe leaves a note saying: “It’s driving us crazy. If you get out, you know where to go.” Having completed his mission, Rhys can be seen on a sailing boat plotting a course to Mozambique, where fans of the books know where the family of Rafe Hastings is. In True Believer, Rhys sails to Mozambique and hides with the Hastings family, who keep a hunting preserve there, keeping it well hidden and offline until he encounters poachers and raises a wave that reverberates back to the US, triggering CIA outreach.
How James Rees Survived His Tumor
At the end of the first season of The Terminal List, Rhys floats away without mentioning what will happen to his tumor caused by RD4895, but in the Terminal List book, the last chapter gives a very clear idea of the state of his tumor. A voice message on his confiscated mobile phone informs him of a call from his doctor saying that the tumor is operable after viewing a biopsy with a survival rate of 75% or higher. By the end of True Believer, Rhys chooses surgery and recovers in the third book, Wild Son, where he returns to full health and returns to his mission to fight the world’s evil.
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