What happens to Emily & Coby after the 90-day season of “The Bride”? (Spoilers)



Emily Biberly and Cobie Blaze are a few days away from getting married on the groom’s 90th day, but does that mean they stayed together in 2022 after the show stopped filming? 29-year-old Emily from Kansas met 34-year-old Kobi from Cameroon during a wild party. One thing led to another, and Kobi proposed to Emily in Xi’an, China. One day Emily started throwing up, so she did some pregnancy tests. She discovered she was pregnant with her first child, and Kobi was thrilled to hear the news. Unfortunately, Kobi was not around when Emily gave birth to Koban in 2019, as he had to return to Douala, and she returned to the USA.

Being away from Kobe was heartbreaking for Emily, as she and the child could not see him for two years due to travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. When Koban turned 17 months old, Kode finally arrived in the United States. However, their reunion brought a new set of challenges for the couple of 90-day-old grooms. Kobi disagreed with Emily’s parenting choices, such as breastfeeding, and she forced him to sleep in another bedroom so he wouldn’t disrupt their son’s sleep schedule. Emily also insulted Kobe several times, not allowing him to drive a car or buying herself an engagement ring. Kobi’s culture demands that he be the head of the family, while Emily wants to control everything.

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Amid all this drama, Emily also found out that she was pregnant again with her second child with Kobi. Emily accused Kobe of advising her to stop taking birth control, while he defended his decision, saying that he knew women who later had difficulty conceiving because of it. On the other hand, Kobi made a bet on the “pulling” method, which clearly failed. The couple was recently photographed in New York when they were there to shoot the season 9 episode of the 90-Day Groom “Tell-All” in mid-June. A video was posted on the @Fraudedmedia Instagram account claiming that Emily did not “hit and throw” with Kobi, since the couple now have another child, who is about three to four months old.

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In the photos provided by an anonymous TLC viewer, Kobi and Emily were with their little girl and appeared to be walking with co-stars in the 90-day Fiance season 9 movie, Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer, who are reportedly about to give birth to a baby. This observation not only confirmed that Kobe and Emily are together, but their current relationship status was revealed as a spoiler before fans saw them take a pregnancy test on the show. On July 11, both Emily and Kobe showed fans sonographic photos of their newborn baby before her presentation at the premiere of the 9th season of the 90-day Groom “Tell-All”.

In the series, Emily and Kobi feuded after she found out that he had told his friend Temperament about her pregnancy, even though it was supposed to be a secret. Emily realized that Kobe wasn’t happy in Kansas, and was furious when she found out that he was looking for a one-bedroom apartment in Ohio. A small house with two children is not what Emily wants for her and Kobi. In addition, Emily came to the conclusion that Kobe would leave her when he was just hoping to find a job in Ohio with the help of his friends from Cameroon. Kobe doesn’t want Emily to doubt him, but since they’re still together, the 90-day-old groom couple eventually reconciled and reunited their family again.


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